7 Key Ingredients for Rock Solid Website Hosting

By , March 25, 2015 11:18 pm

Michael Turner
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Every website needs a great web host, however when you are looking online for a host you may be overwhelmed with the wide variety available ranging from absolutely free to relatively expensive. How do you k at once now immediately what you need and what is the best choice selection alternatives ? The answer to this depends on your business and whether you will have a lot of business or none at all, however you always want to have more space than you think you will need as well as the following options for a great web host.
Ingredient #1 24/7 Support
When choosing a web hosting company you definitely want to make sure that they have 24/7 support. The reason for this is if you have a problem with your website, you need to be able to talk to someone and have them fix it immediately. As long as the host offers this type of support it should not be a problem. If they don’t, you might wait several days with your website down and not be able to contact anyone. Think of the customers you will be missing and all of the lost sales you’ll suffer.
Ingredient #2 Large Bandwidth
You want to make sure your web host offers a generous amount of bandwidth in order to support your website and ensure it loads as quickly as possible. The more bandwidth means the more information that is carried and the quicker your page opens. So, make sure you have a web host with plenty of bandwidth to support your site.
Ingredient #3 Excessive Storage Space
Regardless of whether you need it at once now immediately or not you want a web host that offers plenty of storage space in case you do need it. Give yourself some growing room.
Ingredient #4 E-mail
When you have a web host as well as URL you will also want to have your own e-mail that ties into your company name. Find a web host that offers this as well. Most do, but some might trick you with fine print so be careful.
Ingredient #5 Additional Domains
You may only have one domain name today, but the future holds all kinds of possibilities. Be sure you can add additional domain names if you need to.
Ingredient #6 Domain Parking
If you have a domain name, but do not have your own name server then you will certainly want a web host that will allow you to store or “park?your domain name on their server for your domain to remain valid for an extended period of time.
Ingredient #7 Tools to Manage your Site
While you have found a web host that meets all of your needs, be sure you also have a tool box that will help you manage your site easily and whenever you want. This is really important for you to be able to do, especially if you need to change something like prices, or other important information.

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