Why Dated Content And Dead Links Will Punish Your Site

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Along with the Internet boom came the massive proliferation of websites. Since many websites are made not just for private use but to make money as well, websites find themselves having to compete with other websites of the same category when it comes to reaching and keeping their target audience.

SEO and Factors Affecting Page Rank

In order to reach their target audience websites find that they have to rely on search engines to list their site among the top results of …

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Along with the Internet boom came the massive proliferation of websites. Since many websites are made not just for private use but to make money as well, websites find themselves having to compete with other websites of the same category when it comes to reaching and keeping their target audience.

SEO and Factors Affecting Page Rank

In order to reach their target audience websites find that they have to rely on search engines to list their site among the top results of specific search strings. This is because of the fact that it is impossible for Internet users to memorize each and every website they need to and are interested in visiting due to the unbelievably large number of websites dealing with almost all kinds of information and offering all kinds of services and goods out there. Most Internet users doing research are found to not type websites?URLs directly but instead usually click on the top results that their preferred search engine gives. Because of this fact, websites who wish to be noticed by a large audience actually has to be noticed by search engines first.

To get noticed by search engines, web designers use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is the method used to increase a website’s ranking in search engine results listings. Using SEO websites have a greater chance of getting noticed by search engines and thus get noticed by their target audience. Each search engine has their way of ranking websites but has at least several common ranking factors. The importance of the factors, however, varies for each search engine and some of the factors themselves are unconfirmed by search engine engineers. Although there are many factors that do affect a websites ranking in search engine results only two very important factors will be discussed in this article ?content and links.

Despite the unknowns SEO experts agree on most of the factors and their importance. According to SEO experts the 10 most important factors that can influence a web document’s rank at the major search engines, namely Yahoo!, MSN, Google & AskJeeves, for a particular term or phrase are the following:

?Title Tag
?Anchor Text of Links
?Keyword Use in Document Text
?Accessibility of Document
?Links to Document from Site-Internal Pages
?Primary Subject Matter of Site
?External Links to Linking Pages
?Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community
?Global Link Popularity of Site
?Keyword Spamming

Importance of Links in Page Rank

As shown on the list above links rank among the top factors that affect a web document’s rank. As a matter of fact it was listed five times. Links, however, can affect a page rank both positively and negatively. Both internal and external links can affect a websites ranking. However, if many of the links on the website are dead links or links that lead to 404 pages then instead of being an asset those links actually create a negative effect. The quality of links found on a page is therefore very important. They should have relevant anchor texts to point visitors to more information they need and should lead to relevant pages as well. Dead links is considered to be undesirable and will subtract from page rank.

Importance of Links to Visitor Retention

Links do not only affect the websites page rank but will affect visitor retention as well. Dead links is a sure turn off to visitors. Visitors who click on links expect to go to an existing page with relevant information. If there are dead links on your website visitors might conclude that the site is updated that frequently and that the site is not of good quality. If this happens they will automatically try other websites that they feel caters to their needs and is less irritating.

It is also true that links to relevant sites might affect visitor retention for the worse since visitors might opt to stay with the relevant site. However, good anchor texts leading to relevant sites are still important. Remember that if your website really is a quality website although your links may increase the traffic to other sites visitors would still stay with your site and keep on coming back. Aside from that, visitors might perceive your website as a good starting point in their online activity and thus keep on coming back because of your links.

Importance of Content

As mentioned earlier, although you might have no dead links and your links may all be relevant, your website can still suffer if it is not a quality site or a site with quality content. Quality content means relevant and fresh content delivered regularly. Dated content is almost always a website killer. Visitors often go on the net to look for relevant and timely content, unless they are doing research in history or some other well established facts. However, being such a dynamic community, more often than not it is the new trends, new information, new products, new discoveries, and everything else new, that people who go on the net look for. Although the content of the website might be interesting and well written, visitors will not opt to go back more than twice or thrice if they see that the content is not updated periodically. After all what is the use of reading the same article over and over. Some websites even have last updated dates dated more than three years back. As soon as visitors see that date they will know that the content is dated and will most probably never visit the site again.

The Deadly Combination

Dated content and dead links should never ever be taken for granted if you want your website to be a success. A website with either of the two will be penalized enough by visitors who opt to never come back or by search engines that will rank the website a little lower. But a website with a combination of dated content and dead links is sure to be relegated to the end of search engine results listings. And if people ever do visit the website with such a low ranking, they are bound to never return to visit the site again.

Online Internet Shopping is the Craze in Australia

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Aussies and the world are logging on in record numbers

Online Bargain Shopping Deals Australia

Aussies and the world are logging on in record numbers, recent surveys conducted found that:

?Australians spent an average of $471 online in November (Nielson/NetRating)
?The number of Australian shoppers utilising the Internet has grown exponentially, almost doubling to 2.3 million in the past twelve months (news.com.au)
?68% of Australians have a home Internet connection (Nielson/NetRating)
?Australians are spending 31 hrs a month online compared to just 10 hrs in 2003 (Nielson/NetRating)

Throughout the world consumer preferences are changing, online purchases are fast becoming the norm as potential customers are becoming computer savvy. Here are few more resounding global facts.

?400 million passengers worldwide are now booking their flights over the internet (TheAge)
?The French spend nearly 50hrs a month online (Nielson/NetRating)
?Online consumers spent a whopping $22.3 billion in America 2005

With these kinds of figures we know that consumer loyalties are changing when it comes to purchasing goods. Consumer confidence is at all time high and we at thedeal would like to help you the consumer with your online purchasing.

We have put together a quick online shopping checklist which we hope will guide you safely through deciding which and where to purchase your products.

Online shopping checklist

1. Identifying info-do you know who you’re dealing with?
Has the website provided contact information, such as the physical address of the business, phone and fax numbers and, in the case of Australian businesses, an Australian Business Number (ABN)? This is important if something goes wrong, for example, if your package doesn’t arrive or your credit card is charged incorrectly.

2. Description of product-do you know what you’re buying?
Make sure the goods or services you are buying have been clearly described and they suit your need. Confirm this with the business (e.g. by email or phone).

3. Cost and currency-do you know how much you’re paying?
It is important that you know the final cost, especially if the business is going to charge your credit card. Clarify that delivery and handling costs have been included and check there are no ongoing fees.

Check if there any applicable taxes or import duties.

You should also clarify the currency-even an Australian company might list prices in US dollars.

4. Confirm the order-do you know if your order is correct?
Once you know the final cost it is useful to get confirmation of your order before agreeing to pay.

5. Applicable law-do you know which country’s laws will apply to the transaction?
This is particularly important if you are doing business with a website based in another country.

6. Privacy-do you know how any personal information you submit will be treated?
Many websites have privacy policies stating how they will deal with personal information. It’s important that you read these policies as your name could end up on mailing lists that receive unsolicited email from online marketers. In many countries, including Australia, there is now privacy legislation.

7. Payment mechanism-do you know what sort of online security the website has for processing your payment?
You need to satisfy yourself that any online payment by credit card is secure. Many online payment systems use secure sockets layer (SSL). The site should tell you that you are entering a secure online environment before you start to provide your credit card details. Usually an unbroken key or lock will appear in the bottom of your browser window to indicate you are sending information via a secure connection, or the web address will begin with https//:

8. Print out details-do you have printed copies of the terms of your agreement?
Make sure you print out any form you have filled in and keep copies of any email correspondence. It’s a good idea to print out pages from the website as a record of the offer you have accepted. This is important if the business denies having made promises to you. Remember, websites change regularly, and even disappear completely. You want to be able to prove the terms of your contract with the business.

9. Delivery-do you know how long it will take for the product to get to you and who to call if it doesn’t arrive?
You should clarify an expected delivery date so that you know when to start chasing it up if it hasn’t arrived.

10. Terms and conditions-do you know all the terms and conditions?
These will give you details of how the company deals with its customers. They need to be read carefully in case there are things you were unaware of, for instance, what happens if the chosen product is unavailable.

11. Refunds and warranties-do you know the business’s return, exchange, refund and warranty policies?
If you can’t find any policies on the website, contact the business via email or telephone and ask them to explain their procedures.

Australian businesses are bound by the Trade Practices Act and/or fair trading legislation. This means businesses have to replace a product or refund your money if that product is not of merchantable quality, or fit for any purpose that you’ve made known to the supplier. Goods must also match any description given by the trader (this could include matching a photograph of the goods).

For services, they should be rendered with due care and skill and be reasonably fit to achieve the purpose specified.

Remember that goods bought at auction are not covered by statutory warranty rights other than those relating to clear title, quiet possession and owning the goods outright.

12. Complaint handling and dispute resolution-will you have access to a complaints handling process or any external dispute resolution mechanisms?
Are you satisfied that, if you aren’t happy with some part of the purchase, the business will attempt to resolve any complaint you make in a fair and open manner? Many businesses have policies about internal complaint handling and external dispute resolution when that they can’t address any complaint you make directly to them-it’s worth checking this out before you make your purchase.

http://www.thedeal.net.au ?

Your Gateway to Ultimate Wealth Online

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The problem has been that, since the Internet is so huge, many scams have propagated and taken advantage of many honest people. It seems like everybody and their uncle have a way to make money on the Internet. How can you determine what is legitimate, and what is rubbish?

At www.ultimatewealthonline.com, we present to you the #1 rated opportunity for making money on the Internet. This absolutely is not a scam. This program has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and is a proven, step-by-step guide to the secrets behind true money-making power on the Internet.

I have invested in many money-making opportunities over the years, and I believe that I do not have to look any further. Any responsible person will inform themselves before taking on any money-making endeavor, so I strongly encourage you to go to www.ultimatewealthonline.com, and see for yourself. You will not regret it. It truly is your gateway to ultimate wealth online.

Web Accessibility Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Accessibility facts:
10 things you didn’t know
For an accessible report on the good reasons to make your site accessible read this step by step guide.

accessible web site, accessible, accessibility, bobby, web design, affordable, AAA compliant, 508, h

So here is the top 10 accessible tips:

1.With the deadline for website accessibility is October 2004 when all points of the DDA become part of British law.

2.The Disabled Rights Commission (DRC) is a government-funded body empowered by the Disability Rights Commission Act 1999 to instigate formal investigations aimed at eliminating discrimination and encouraging good practice in the treatment of disabled people.

3.The DRC conducted accessibility testing on over 1,000 UK public and private sector websites and published their findings. Stopping short of naming and shaming, they stated that “swathes of businesses may not be complying with existing equal access laws” and that it is “only a matter of time” before they face legal action from disabled consumers.

4.One in seven people in the UK – about 8.5 million – suffer from some form of disability (Source: DRC).

5.Two million people in the UK have a sight problem (Source: Royal National Institute of the Blind).

6.8-10% of the male population has some sort of colour-blindness – for some reason it is more prevalent in men.

7.The world’s first successful action over accessibility (Barry Maguire vs Sydney Olympics Organising Committee) netted the litigant just $20,000 in damages. But the legal costs and subsequent web development bill ran into millions.

8.AOL settled out of court in an action brought by the US National Federation of the Blind but they continue to be haunted by bad publicity from this case.

9.In February 2003 the Guardian newspaper slated Abbey National plc over its poor design and inaccessible web services – we bet they are on the DRC’s list.

10.Accessibility isn’t just about serving groups of disabled users: the same standards also enable web-access by phone and PDA. There will be 993 million people accessing the net through these devices by 2006

Online Trading Speeds Up

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Online trading flourished during the dot-com boom and remains a popular way for individual investors to manage their portfolios. Long gone are the days when one needed to call a stockbroker to trade stock and the high fees associated with such one-on-one transactions.

Online Trading Speeds Up

Online trading flourished during the dot-com boom and remains a popular way for individual investors to manage their portfolios. Long gone are the days when one needed to call a stockbroker to trade stock and the high fees associated with such one-on-one transactions.

Traditional online trading is conducted using a Web browser and an online broker. To place an order, a client logs on to a broker’s Web site and the broker submits it to the market.

But even this method may result in a slower execution of the order. New advances in technology have made the process faster and more efficient.

Direct Access Trading, also known as DAT, has quickly become the choice for both casual and serious investors. One company helping individuals harness the power of this technology is RushTrade.

Using special software, customers place orders to buy and sell securities that are routed to the market using direct access technology. The software analyzes which route will allow for the best execution.

Direct Access Trading can shave anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes off transaction times. By executing orders quicker, investors get the best price available without having to wait for a middleman to execute the order. Faster transaction speed is not the only benefit of Direct Access Trading over traditional online trading; lower-cost bulk transactions are another plus.

Traders find such speed and cost-effectiveness attractive, regardless of whether they trade a few times per quarter or many times a day. Companies like RushTrade have structured commission schedules that fit any type of investor.

Website Monitoring: What You Need To Know

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Throughout the development of your website, you knew what you wanted and how you wanted it all to work. But, now that it is up and running you need website monitoring to help you to continue providing excellent service to your visitors. While this may seem hard and time consuming, there are many benefits to basic website monitoring. The more advanced, well, the better your opportunities are for impressing the elusive visitor or customer that finds you on the web. Website moni…

Website monitoring

Throughout the development of your website, you knew what you wanted and how you wanted it all to work. But, now that it is up and running you need website monitoring to help you to continue providing excellent service to your visitors. While this may seem hard and time consuming, there are many benefits to basic website monitoring. The more advanced, well, the better your opportunities are for impressing the elusive visitor or customer that finds you on the web. Website monitoring can help you benefit greatly from every aspect of your organization.

So, what will website monitoring tell you? First and foremost, knowing that visitors are coming to your website is a great thing. But, you should know where they plan to go once they land there. For example, if you take the time to find out which area they head to, you can better prepare your website so that the traffic is targeted. Do you have a banner ad that you really want them to click on? Finding out which area works the best for that ad can be done by simply using website monitoring solutions. Or, if you are like most, the traffic pattern of your visitors is important. Getting them to click through and make that purchase is the goal, but knowing what triggers their reaction the best is the key. Website monitoring can help you with these basic elements or many others as well.

Website monitoring is capable of much more than just this as well. There are some excellent programs and opportunities out there for you to find and use. Use a variety of website monitoring tools to help you effectively get the job done. With so much ability to understand what is happening on your website, website monitoring is an effective way to help your business grow.

Why would Any She pretend to be a He?

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Why do women pretend to be men online? Why does gender matter at all?

Chat, Online, Women

Why do women sometimes pretend to be men when talking in chat rooms or using chat programs? Is it because some immature males treat all women like second-class citizens or brainless bimbos so that you have to pretend to be male to get listened to? Or is it just curiosity about how men talk to other men? Or how other women talk to men?

Someone who plays in a game I run asked if a friend of his could join in, and then put me in chat program contact with her. We talked over the Internet for a while before meeting in the flesh. While chatting, she admitted that she sometimes pretends to be male online. I haven’t got around to asking her why, but now I wonder? When she returns from traveling overseas I’ll have to ask her.

In a way, it is liberating that a woman can so easily pretend to be a man when she is online. There’s no need to disguise her with bulky clothing or a false beard. She can just make a new profile that says she’s male and then try to keep up the façade when talking to people. Amusingly, she was good enough at it to have had a six month long friendship as a man with someone else claiming to be a man who was also really a woman.

Does biological gender really matter in our modern world of equality? Perhaps in the name of antidiscrimination we should all claim to be male when online, regardless of our true gender. Or, we could all just refuse to give a gender, affirming and declaring neuter-ness and asking to be treated as simply ‘people?

On further reflection, requiring everyone to give any one answer seems the opposite of freedom. Why bother? It would be simpler if everyone who’s online could just answer the question of gender however they please, just like we all have been anyway, for reasons of our own.

The Internet Made Easy

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The Internet Made Easy Training Videos


Let me ask you a quick question. . .

How many times have you banged your fists into the table and shaken your head in disbelief because trying to get onto the Internet seems so frustrating?

If you have, it can feel like the world’s passing you by.

Your friends are ‘online’, your family’s ‘online’, heck even 5 year olds seem to have it mastered – and you – well you’re still trying to figure out how the whole thing just goes together.

Do any of these all too common problems drive you nuts:

Can’t connect to your ISP (Or Your Not Even Sure What That Is)
The modem won’t work (No matter what you try you just can’t get online)
You can’t send emails
You can’t receive emails
You’re worried about online viruses
And you’re to scared to buy online because of credit card fraud!

If that sounds like your experience with the Internet so far, or it sounds like the problems someone you know has and you want to help them then you’re in luck!

If you don’t know your ISP from your elbow, have no idea what the heck a ‘POP’ server is and don’t want to to fuss over a ‘Firewall’ . . . . but you simply want to get on with it and connect to the world-wide-web then our brand new video set called ‘The Internet Made Easy’ is for you!

Why Video?

Quite simply, we’ve found it’s the fastest and easiest way for people to learn.

Video training is the closet thing you can have to expert one on one tuition (without the expense) and you can learn at your own pace.

Imagine, saving time by doing the weekly shopping online and the great things you could do with the hours you’ll save. . . Picking up a great bargain or deal on a new holiday or automobile that makes you the envy of your friends . . . Having access to all the information you need from health issues and sports results through to local events and global news . . . Whatever you need, it’s all online waiting for you.

Seriously… who wants to struggle with ‘How To’ books that have been thrown together by rocket scientists for other rocket scientists to read – Or worse still, waste hours on premium rate telephone ‘Help Lines’ where the person you speak to is probably on the other side of the world and seems to have less idea than you.

The answer is right in front of you . . . It’s simple, insert the disk into your PC choose from the menu which area you need help with and spend ten minutes listening and watching to exactly how it’s done.

In a less than an hour all your online problems can be solved.

Just take a look at some of the topics we include in ‘The Internet Made Easy’

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What’s Included:

Choosing which is the best Internet Service Provider For You.
How to protect yourself with FREE Anti-Virus Software.
How to send and receive emails with ease with Outlook Express
How to use Internet Explorer and find what you need FAST!
How to buy online safely and securely
How to download and save files to your PC (including ZIP and PDF files)
How to get organized and work with files and folders
How to back up your information to keep it safe
How to use RSS feeds and gather news and information easily.

It’s All About Being Safe – Being Sure – And Being Online

For your copy of this amazing software please visit http://www.internetmadeeasy.akashop.com

Author: Darren Mallory

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