Tips on buying unmetered bandwidth hosting

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Are you website require high monthly bandwidth for uploading and downloading files? And its hard to estimate how much bandwidth you will require for the next month either.

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Unmetered bandwidth hosting means that the hosting provider will not monitor or keep track how much bandwidth you already used up and how many remains for the month. Usually in cpanel control panel, you can see the bandwidth usage indicator on the left column. That’s the tracking of monthly bandwidth.

For unmetered bandwidth hosting, these bandwidth usage is not being tracked and recorded. This also means that you will not hit the bandwidth limits. And you are allow to use as much as you want.

Most the time, shared hosting plan, not only the unmetered bandwidth plan, will have usage limit. This will include the cpu usage limit, thread limits, files limit, mysql connection limits, and so on.

When you shop for unmetered bandwidth hosting, make sure your hosting plan are reasonable price. Usually these plan will cost extra 50%-100% compare to the shared hosting plan with bandwidth limits. Taking example the midphase hosting, their plan details at here . Midphase normal shared hosting are price $8, and the unmetered hosting package will cost $13 dollars.

Remember that you are getting what you paid for. And definitely there will not be $3 dollars unmetered bandwith hosting that going to allow you to use all the bandwidth as you like.

Shop wisely, and look for the right hosting plan always!

Why Search Engines Are Adverse To Identical Content

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Reasons for Replicating Data

According to a study done by Krishna Bharat and Andrei Brodner there are several reasons why data are replicated or why mirror sites are created ?Load Balancing, High Availability, Multi-lingual replication, Franchises or Local versions, Database Sharing, Virtual Hosting, and Maintaining Pseudo Identities.

In load balancing, replication of data is done to decrease the servers?loads. Instead of just having one server to handle all the traff…

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Reasons for Replicating Data

According to a study done by Krishna Bharat and Andrei Brodner there are several reasons why data are replicated or why mirror sites are created ?Load Balancing, High Availability, Multi-lingual replication, Franchises or Local versions, Database Sharing, Virtual Hosting, and Maintaining Pseudo Identities.

In load balancing, replication of data is done to decrease the servers?loads. Instead of just having one server to handle all the traffic from web surfers interested in the data or content, the site is mirrored or the data replicated so that the traffic is split between two or more servers.

Data are also replicated to make them more highly available. An example of this is when data are mirrored within the same organization for geographical purposes to make them easily available.

Multi-lingual replication of data is also very common. Data translated into different languages are very useful for reaching a wider audience who all need access to the same data. Good examples of multi-lingual replication are many Canadian sites that are the same in everything except for the language of the content wherein English or French is used.

Data is also replicated for franchises or local versions of data. This happens when data or content is franchised to another company, which then offer the very same data or product but under different branding.

Sometimes data is replicated unintentionally. This happens when two independent websites share a common database or file system. The sharing of database sometimes results to mirroring even without the websites?intention.

Virtual hosting also sometimes result in mirroring. This happens to services with different websites and host names but use the same IP address and server. What happens is the path to one site is the valid one while the path to the other site simply gives an identical webpage as a result.

The last reason, unlike the first six reasons, is often not a valid reason for site mirroring. This is because mirroring to maintain pseudo identities is often done to spam search engines with different websites of the same content as a means getting a higher page ranking. This reason is considered unacceptable and is one of the very reasons why search engines tend to be adverse towards identical content or replicated data.

Google’s Webmaster Guideline about Duplicate Content

Search engines are blatantly against replicated data so much so that Google even has a warning against them in their Webmaster Guidelines. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines were a list of Do’s and Don’ts that ought to be followed by websites to help the search engine in finding, indexing, and ranking websites. Following the Do’s will of course increase the chance that Google will list a specific website and ran it favorably as well. However, doing any of the Don’ts will of course detract from a website’s rank.

In the specific guidelines for quality of the website part, it was stated clearly that websites should not create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content. The term duplicate content is however a dubious term since it isn’t clear how many duplicate words it takes for search engines like Google to penalize a page. It can take ten words or maybe an entire sentence, or paragraph, or even need an entire document or page for content to be considered duplicate content. The key thing to remember is that the guideline says to not create pages with substantially duplicate content. So to be on the safe side it would be better to always have a fresh original content. This is however not possible at times especially when quoting articles so that it is your call to determine whether the duplicate content might penalize your website. If your conscience is clear that the duplicate content is there for the user’s benefit and not to up your page ranking then the crawlers will hopefully interpret it as the same and not penalize your site.

Annoyed Surfers and Speedy Crawlers

Search engines exist to point surfers to websites containing the information relevant to their search string. However, they do not exist to point surfers to different websites containing the exact same or nearly the same information. When surfers click on different links they expect to be getting different web pages with maybe the same or different take on the same topic but with definitely different content. However there are many sites out there with partial duplicate content and even the exact content simply replicated. Clicking on mirror sites irritate surfers since it is only a waste of time waiting for the same thing to load twice or maybe even more times. This is especially irritating if the site happens to be a spam site whose content is not of a good quality. Due to this problem web crawlers now do not crawl exact duplicate and near-duplicate web pages or websites that they have determined from a previous crawl. This means that the mirror sites not crawled will not even make it to the search engine’s results listing since only one of the duplicates is indexed by the web crawler. Because of this search engines will not have more than one of the mirror sites among its results listing thus avoiding irritating the web surfers.

Satisfied surfers are not the only result of the new technique crawlers use. Search engines benefit as well since not having to crawl mirrored pages lessens the load of the crawlers and thus speeds up crawling. The bandwidth is also saved because of this resulting to a faster more efficient crawling operation wherein the web crawler can cover and index more significant websites.

Valid Mirrored Sites

However, for valid mirror sites like those mentioned above (multi-lingual, franchise, etc.) there should be no worry since search engines have provisions for such things and take into account the motive behind them. You can help your mirror site by making sure that you follow all the other guidelines to get noticed and ranked by Google. Following the guidelines will surely help not only your ranking with Google but with other search engines as well.

The Pros and Cons of Online Commerce

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As the Internet comes of age more and more people and buying goods online. This has becoming a growing trend that looks like it will continue to grow. But what are the pros and cons of buying goods online?

online purchase

As the Internet comes of age more and more people and buying goods online. This has becoming a growing trend that looks like it will continue to grow. But what are the pros and cons of buying goods online?

There are several things to consider. Let’s start with the pros. As competition for online business keeps growing exponentially the prices of goods are being driven down. This is to the benefit of the consumer. Another advantage to buying goods online would be the convenience. One is able to browse through several stores and several products with a simple click of a mouse. This gives the consumer more choice and a greater breadth of products. The third pro would be the ability to purchase products that may not be available in the local area through conventional stores. Utilizing programs such as Ebay, consumers can purchase products from Singapore to Rome.

The major con with purchasing goods online would be the security issue. With hackers and crackers becoming more and more advanced in their techniques there is always the risk that sensitive information such as credit card details will be stolen and used without authorization. Many online store have several security measures in place to combat this but not everything can be protected against. For instance many spammers send emails to private email accounts trying to trick people into revealing their credit card details. Some of these emails even pose as a legitimate company that the user may be familiar with lulling them into a false sense of security.

Buying goods online can be very beneficial, but at the same time it pays to be weary of these security issues, as to not fall into the many traps that are waiting for consumers out there. The best protection is education on the part of the consumer to be able to pick up potential scams.

It revisions each and every couple of weeks so don’t be alarmed if you see nothing occurring during their visit.

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how to hack a fitbit

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Online Shopping for Newbies

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Everyone is talking about online shopping. It’s easy and a lot less hassle than a trip to the mall. But the Net is a brand new world with all the risks that go with it and the only way to really be secure online is to develop your cyber street smarts.

online shopping, safe online shopping, cyber shopping

Everyone is talking about online shopping. It’s easy and takes a lot less gas and hassle than a trip to the mall. Online shopping puts unbelievable choice right at your fingertips. From large department stores to specialized boutiques, the latest designer fashions and closeout specials, it’s all there. You’ll find toys, high-end art and collectibles, cutting edge computers and electronics, flea market finds and auctions galore. In fact, you can find just about anything imaginable online, and some things that truly are not.

Online shopping is a godsend to shut-ins, busy working folks and anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot get out and do heavy-duty shopping. Now you can have a world-class selection of gifts at your fingertips and get most of your shopping done in a single evening without ever venturing into traffic, or trudging through crowded malls.

In many ways, online shopping is a return to the good old days when delivery services were a given. This alone can make the difference between sending token flowers and dispatching something great on special occasions. Your selections can be wrapped and on the road to delivery in less time than a drive to the mall. And for the times when flowers really are the right choice, you can now actually pick what you want and those selections are incredible.

Shopping online beats catalogue shopping without any trouble, too. Online you have incredible choices with far less time and effort than pouring through stacks of catalogues and sitting with a phone on hold only to be told that your color or size is not available. Formerly tiresome ordering tasks can now be done in minutes with the click of a mouse.

Although gift delivery is certainly a plus on special occasions, it doesn’t stop there. You can buy a whole new wardrobe, even a wedding or prom dress, office supplies, a new computer, you can redecorate your home, or shop for a new one, dabble in the stock market, balance a checkbook, pay your bills and even buy a car at your computer. So, what’s the catch?

Street smarts are the rule online and off. Everyone already knows when you go shopping, there are certain things you do and don’t do when it comes to your money and your personal security. Online that goes double.

At the Computer:

In addition to a set of well-honed cyber street smarts, when shopping online you should first and foremost be comfortable with your computer. There are a few things to remember if you are new to online shopping. The first is to click the BUY button only “once.?It may take a couple minutes for the transaction to process. If you click buy twice, you will be making the same purchase twice. There is not generally too much of an issue in clearing up the double purchase, but it can be a hassle. Double clicking is a common error for first-time online shoppers.

The second big rule is to keep copies of everything relevant to the transaction. Print out the pages with the description and prices of the items you order. Print out your credit card receipt. Most companies will email you a copy of the receipt as well. Keep that too, and make sure it matches your online information.

As all computer users know, sometimes a glitch will derail the best-laid plans. If your printer is down or goes down when you try to get your print outs, find the “Print Screen?key on your keyboard. Press it. Then go into your word processing or paint program and click “Paste.?You should now see a picture of what was on your screen at the time you made your purchase. This is the next best thing when a printer is not available.

Okay, you are comfortable with your computer already. All possible glitches are covered and you are ready for some serious shopping. What about those so-called cyber smarts?

Cyber Street Smarts:

Smart online shoppers, just like those in the physical world, know there are certain things you do to take care of yourself. They know to be aware of the neighborhood where they are shopping. They know to be aware of the reputations of the places where they do business. They know to watch their wallets, and first and foremost, when they are around strangers, they know to be aware of who might be scrutinizing them just a little too closely.

Know Who You are Doing Business With:

Do a little research. Anyone can build a website. If you encounter an unfamiliar company where you want to shop, find out who they are. Look for an address. Be wary of any company that does not list one. An address is no guarantee, but you can use it to check references with the Better Business Bureau, BBB. Their online site at has nationwide listings.

Sometimes you may want more information than the BBB provides. In this case, after the BBB check, use your favorite search engine and try an “about search.” The difference in an “about search,” and just looking for the site, is that you already know where the site is; now you want to find out what people are saying about it. Generally, just putting “about” in front of the company name will get you started.

For a very small purchase, you might want to dispense with all this investigating. But do use a low limit credit card. That way if anything does go awry, it isn’t that far awry. Yes, we all know about the $50 liability limit, but the low limit card can be a hassle saver online.

You may choose not to use a debit card online at all. Many debit cards do not offer the same protections against fraud as credit card companies. You could be putting your whole bank account at risk.

While you are at it, be sure to check out the return policy and guarantee. Online and off, most good companies do accept returns, either by providing a cash refund or product exchange. Note, however, shipping costs are typically not refunded for online purchases.

Online Security:

After you’ve found exactly what you have been looking for, checked out the seller, and their return policy; the next thing you need to do is make sure the site is secure. Secure means your personal information is encrypted in transit to the seller’s server. This prevents unauthorized (hacker) access and possible misuse of your credit information.

Examine the URL in the address bar. If the site is encrypted you should see an “s” directly after the http – like https://… The whole site will not be encrypted, but the order page for the transaction should be.

Other things to look for – depending on your browser, you may see either an open or a closed padlock, or a whole or broken key. If the key is broken or the lock open, you should assume that the site is not encrypted.

Sometimes security issues get tricky. Suppose you personally know the owner, it is a solid local business, but there is no encryption system in place and they expect you to transmit your credit information online. With small businesses, this is most often a case of not knowing better, that does not, however, mean that you do not. In cases like this, look for a phone number and call in your order. If there is no phone number and no mailing address, you should seriously consider whether you want to risk an unsecured online transaction.

Common sense is the rule online and off. Guard your personal information, including Social Security Number, bank account information and passwords. No reputable merchant has a need for your Social Security Number and it is not standard policy to ask for it when you buy your groceries for instance. Requiring this for a routine purchase should send up a red flag and you should immediately take your business elsewhere.

Some online crooks will do whatever they can think of, in all kinds of official looking ways, to get your private personal information. If you call, they may personally assure you that they do indeed need your bank account and password to sell you that computer game. No way, just because it looks good, and they sound sincere, doesn’t mean that it is or they are, and you may not know there was ever a problem until you see your credit report.


Online and off, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let the heat of the offer lull you into abandoning your good common sense. Of course, you could miss the deal of a lifetime, and that is exactly what the unscrupulous want you to think. Likely as not, online and off – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Shopping the net is destined to change the way we do business, but it is still a new frontier, with many of the uncertainties that go with it. The only way to really be secure online is to develop your cyber street smarts and sometimes, even that may not be enough. It will certainly level the field though, and by keeping your cyber smarts well honed, you should be able to safely shop the net.

Copyright 2005 Regina Pickett Garson

What is WebSense?

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Based in San Diego, California, Websense is a corporation that is involved in the design and production of web filtering software.


Based in San Diego, California, Websense is a corporation that is involved in the design and production of web filtering software. Essentially, this software is utilized to help manage content control functions at the user end. Founded in 1994, most of the software tools designed and released by Websense are aimed at allowing owners of computer systems to control the content that may be accessed by the equipment under their control.

Who Uses Websense?

All across the world, corporations, non-profit agencies, libraries and schools, and government entities make use of Websense. Essentially, if there is a need to filter content within an organization, there is a good chance that Websense will be used to do the job. The software makes it possible to prevent the waste of resources or time by making it impossible to view content that is deemed inappropriate or unrelated to essential tasks by the owner of the computing equipment.

What Are Some Of The Protections Provided By Websense?

The filtering software does more than just block undesirable content. Along with limiting the flow of content, the software will also track the use of authorized personnel of Internet resources. That is, the system will log all usage of any desktop system. The detail is considered comprehensive, such as the risk class, URL, workstation used, date and time of the usage, and the category assigned to the content. A report of this data can be created by a system administrator, and may be sorted by user, workstation, date, and several other sorting criteria.

Categories allow a limited amount of work around of a blocked site. For example, if a site is blocked due to restricted keywords, but is in fact a site that is legitimately needed for work related research, the user may make use of a “continue” key and get around the block. The activity is still logged and thus subject to review later, but this feature allows the employee to continue with the task without requiring the assistance of a technical support person.

Deep Content Control is a feature that essentially allows for the recreation of the sequence of searches on the Internet. This makes it possible to see where a user went, how long he or she remained on the site, and what web site was visited next.

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Web Business Overview ?Have a Plan

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So you’ve decided you’d like to go into business on the web, eh? This article will give an overview of options that are available for your web business and will help to give you an idea of what goals should be set for your project.

web business, plan, business plan

So you’ve decided you’d like to go into business on the web, eh? This article will give an overview of options that are available for your web business and will help to give you an idea of what goals should be set for your project.

After deciding to be a web entrepreneur, the next step is to create a business plan. Business plans are as essential to a web entrepreneur as blueprints are to a construction worker. To build a business most efficiently, you must first be an architect and plan how you would like your business to look, what it will do and how your goals will be accomplished.

There are many ways a person can go about making money with the Internet. Options include selling products as a wholesaler or retailer, selling services, promoting products or services as an affiliate partner, selling advertising, selling email or demographic information, selling subscriptions to sites and any number of other ways and combinations of money making ideas.

A good business plan will include details on the service or products you will be offering, growth goals for your new business, projected expenses and losses, employee projections, and any other information you will need to clearly outline your successful business. Though there are many approaches to the actual construction of a business plan, a month by month or quarter by quarter analysis is common.

For example, if your online business will be selling widgets, you may want to go through, month by month and estimate the total number of widgets you will sell, the cost of selling these widgets, expenditures on marketing, hosting and overhead, and any other foreseeable factors you can think of. If within six months you want to begin selling skyhooks as well as widgets, this should also be accounted for in your business plan.

Before moving on to our next topic, it is important to remember that business plans are constantly changing. Some of your projections will be difficult to make accurately, so do the best you can with the information at hand. As more data becomes available through research and experience you will be able to make revisions to your business plan. I am of the belief that it is generally a good idea to make profit projections on the low end to start with. If you believe you can sell between 10 and 100 widgets your first month, it is better to plan to sell only 10, and be pleasantly surprised when you sell 55, rather than to plan for 100 and fall short of goals that have become unrealistic yet necessary for the survival of your business.

After you have a good plan for your business, the next step will be to research your business. But that’s a subject for the next article.

Os Commerce – An Intro

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Executive Summary

eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being made available to anyone with an internet connection for free.

The most robust of these open source solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) ?a community driven eCommerce solution that is flexible, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC will provide businesses of all shapes …

ecommerce, e-commerce, internet marketing, emarketing

Executive Summary

eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being made available to anyone with an internet connection for free.

The most robust of these open source solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) ?a community driven eCommerce solution that is flexible, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC will provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the functionality and capabilities of the big boys. This brief examines some of the advantages of OS Commerce and provides insights into how it can help your business.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Maybe so, but you CAN get an eCommerce platform for nothing. Offered for free at, this eCommerce solution provides tons of bells and whistles and provides a user friendly interface to manage the administrative portions of the store. The code is based in the PHP scripting language and runs on the Apache web server ?a user also needs access to a SQL database to initially upload the files that manage the categories and products within the admin section.

Now that sounds complicated, but really anyone can do it with some concentrated effort. Much of the documentation online regarding OS is very thorough and provides step by step plans on how to get your store up and running. Any newbie to this type of work will likely come across some roadblocks, but the OS Commerce community forums are only a click away to start trouble shooting.

The solution is community driven, meaning that like minded OSCers are ready to help out their peers with answers to posted questions. Yes, at times this can be extremely frustrating waiting for an answer, but it is very rewarding to overcome a technology bug on your own.

Contribute to the Cause

The best part of OSC is the number of contributions that can be added to your site at any time. Again, there is no cost for these enhancements and upgrades ?just the need to be patient in your installations. In most cases, contributions are located on the OS commerce community section and are downloadable via zip files. After opening the file, read the “read me?file which will walk you through the file additions, subtractions, and code changes needed to make your enhancement work properly. If you explore the OS platform be sure to upgrade with the following contributions.

Ultimate SEO URL’s by Chemo

This cool contribution allows the site owner to create static URL’s out of a database driven site. This will dramatically help in search saturation as more pages are able to be indexed. Its no secret that search spiders like traditional urls better than ones that are dynamic and this contribution helps achieve that.

Easy Populate

No need to input product data manually, this contribution allows you to import data from a basic excel file into your store. A true timesaver!

Featured Products

If you have an ecommerce store ?certain products are more attractive to sell than others. This contribution allows you to tailor the featured products that you want to showcase within both your home and category pages.

Final Thoughts on OSC

Myself, I am a marketer. But after learning OS I really feel like I have some programmer blood in me! This platform is easy to use and perfect for a small to medium size business in getting online. Yes, there will be headaches along the way but stay with it and you will overcome them and soon have an ecommerce store to bring you in a new revenue stream.

Why so many states are legalizing gambling?

By , December 1, 2017 1:35 am


For many years gambling has been outlawed in most of the United States, but recently several states have made the move to legalize gambling in one form or another. In this article we will look at why these states decided to make the change

Gamling, casinos, casino gambling, entertainment, sports and leisure, government, society,

There are currently 13 states that have legalized gambling and they have over 450 casinos between those states, and they bring in 72 billion dollars a year.

From this money states get extra money for road repair, schools and many other things that a state needs money to fix and maintain.

In the last 10 years there have also been a large number of Indian casinos being granted licenses in states that do not have legalized gambling, which means the only place t gamble in those states is in the Indian Casino, and they do not pay taxes on that money.

Many states are waking up and realizing that there is a very profitable business out there that they are not getting any revenue from, and not only does it bring money into the state it also creates thousands of jobs for each casino that opens. So for a state with a high unemployment rate this means more people are working and less of the stats money needs to be spent on these people, again a win for the state and the people.

It also means more money for the state to feed kids a hot meal at lunch and the money to put new books in the classrooms and maybe to build more schools. This money is also used in some states to hire more police officers.

Legalized gambling besides bringing in more money to the government in taxes also brings money into the community gamblers will use services such as hotels, restaurants and other local attractions while they are in the area. This can bring a major boost to a small starving economy separate from that of the casino.

Another reason why many states are pushing to make gambling legal is to attempt to wipe out the illegal gambling business. Many people feel that if gambling is legalized there is no reason for people to go to sleazy and dangerous back room casinos.

These type of places are becoming harder and harder for the police to find and as soon as they do find them, they will either pack up and change locations or another will just take their place. Another bad thing about illegal casinos s that there is no one monitoring to make sure the casino is not cheating their players.
In many cases police have raided illegal casinos and found that all the table and card games are rigged for the casino to win, and if this is ever discovered the casinos operators have in the past committed murder to keep their secrets, and most people fear for their lives and refuse to cooperate with the police.

Legalized gambling is monitored to make sure both the player and the house are playing an honest game.
Do not let all of this make you think that gambling has no downside. A lot of this money has to go to treatment for people, who develop gambling addictions, and most cities with a casino do usually see a rise in crime in those areas, so more police officers are not just a luxury it is a necessity.

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