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By , June 15, 2018 12:50 pm

Important Information on Slip and Fall Accidents.

Although an event might seem simple and small, the consequences might be so serious. Following slips and falls, the injuries that arise can be so severe. Some of the injuries that might arise due to such accidents are such as traumatic brain injury, fractures, back injuries as well as death. You can, however, seek compensation if the fall accident occurs within another person’s property. Nevertheless, compensation is only made if you prove owner’s negligence resulting in the accident.

There are many places where these kinds of accidents can occur. For example, you may encounter the accident while at work, in your home, shopping mall or other properties. For elderly and children, slip and falls can result in permanent injuries. Sometimes, death also occurs. When such an accident occurs, the owner or the manager the property where the accident happen is usually held responsible.

Basically, there are certain risks that would cause falls and slips. The condition of the surface is one factor that may cause slips and falls. For example, an uneven floor that does not have warning signs may cause slips and falls. Other surface conditions that could result in slips and falls include recently waxed and mopped floors, loose mats, rugs, and floorboards more so on stairs, liquid spillage on the floor, and potholes in the parking area. Also, unsalted ice and oil or grease on the floor may cause slips and falls.

There are also environmental conditions that may cause these slips and falls. The various environmental conditions are such as open desks and drawers, poor lighting, glares from shiny floors, and floors with trash. Other hazards are such as stairs and ladders without a handrail.

Property owners and managers can help reduce slip and fall risks in various ways. First, the property owner should ensure the floor is dry and not slippery. Also, you can put wet floor signs to warn people in case of a wet floor. Immediate clean up would be important after a liquid spill. Also, you can reduce slips and falls by displaying warning signs, removing obstacle accidents, and proper lighting.

In case you suffer injuries from slips or falls, and the owner is at fault, you should be compensated. Basically, liability in this cases is usually based on negligence. Also, proving negligence is usually not easy. A lawyer who has experience in personal injury cases can offer important help.

Basically, every slip and fall case will be different. The case would try to determine if the owner of the property acted to prevent such an accident or it was your fault. Also, you will need to prove the accident was caused by a dangerous condition and the owner was aware of such a condition. It would be helpful, however, to look for a qualified lawyer.

Doing Lawyer The Right Way

Doing Lawyer The Right Way

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