Optimize Returns From Your Online Free Trial Campaigns. Use PhoneConfirm.

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PhoneConfirm helps to fight on-line fraud by providing reliable identity verification services.

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The Current State of Online Free Trials in the e-Business Scene
Every year, hundreds of e-business websites worldwide employ online free trial campaigns to promote their goods and services. These campaigns usually run for a limited trial period, often up to 90 days. During this trial period, these companies offer free goods and services, aiming to convert responders into paying customers at the end of the trial. Some service companies even offer a limited period free trial as an ongoing company policy.

Upon offering a free trial, each company wants to draw only genuine customers who complete an online form to register. These forms are simple, requesting only key information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and some personal preferences about products or services. Beyond that, most companies do very little to verify the user. The campaign goes as planned, and the company meets its free trial commitments.

Along with the genuine customers out there, the marketplace is full of people who are “on the prowl?waiting for these opportunities to make fast gains. These include e-newsletter signups, ROI calculators, signups for marketing material, drawings, and free service trials. And the competition is not far behind, always finding ways to dilute the impact of the campaign.

The Real Issue
Many online users routinely abuse free trial campaigns by creating multiple accounts and registering one-time signups multiple times. Or, competitors sign up under false identity to prevent even the best-managed companies from deriving full benefits from their trial campaign investments. This online deception results in financial loss due to poor online verification of a user’s identity.

It is common knowledge that if this issue is left unresolved, – % of the intended reach is taken away by non-genuine customers and competitors, making campaigns less effective and even quite risky. This not only impacts the expected yield from each campaign, but also strains resources, adversely affecting the level of service to genuine customers. This e-business issue has been widely recognized, and website owners are looking for solutions to minimize the problem.

The PhoneConfirm Solution
PhoneConfirm.com provides an affordable solution that helps website owners derive full value from their trial campaign investments for all types of online e-businesses. Using PhoneConfirm’s proven Automated Phone Confirmation Service, predators and competitors are discouraged from signing up for free trials of a product or service, greatly improving the quality of the marketing leads.

PhoneConfirm’s solution is based on two important facts. First, any phone number is easily traceable. Next, while multiple email addresses can be quickly and freely obtained just in a few minutes (using various email services), it is much more complicated to obtain a new telephone number. For most people, it is not worth the trouble to confirm a phone number just for a free service usage. So, most potential fraudsters are immediately discouraged and drop the idea to commit the folly.

How PhoneConfirm.com Works
The trial campaign subpages of a company’s website links to their potential clients via the PhoneConfirm Service. From the information provided online by the customers, Phone Confirm verifies the user’s phone number, generates a unique PIN number, and records it, drastically reducing the shipment of marketing material, free goods, or free trial services to junk users.

PhoneConfirm automatically dials the phone number at the same time that the end user is registering for a transaction. PhoneConfirm immediately calls the number to confirm that the phone number represents the person that is interacting with the website through PIN entry. Any discrepancy results in automatic blockage, and the transaction is reported to the website for further disposition. The result is a reduction in fraud, decreased unauthorized system accesses, and a significant cost savings compared to a traditional, manual telephone confirmation process.

The Benefits of Using PhoneConfirm.com
PhoneConfirm’s fraud protection service adds an important layer to real-time identity confirmation, reducing fake users drastically. It enables secure account updates and protected changes (such as passwords), reduces labor and service costs for manual phone confirmation, and adds another confirmation record for the transaction.

PhoneConfirm.com is both easy to set up and use. They will even help customers set up service. PhoneConfirm’s verification service helps websites derive the full benefits from their campaign investments. During on-line campaigns, websites can even use the PhoneConfirm logo on their forms to further discourage unfair use of free offerings.

PhoneConfirm Support Services
PhoneConfirm.com is a globally recognized brand name well known for its non-stop, innovative, and cost effective online phone verification services. PhoneConfirm is professionally managed and is fully committed to providing superior pre- and post-sale support services to its worldwide customer base through qualified and experienced marketing, engineering, and technical support teams. PhoneConfirm’s policy is to provide its customers the highest possible quality through continued research and innovation in both products and support.

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