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Work at home has become such a rage with the advent of internet that it has evolved into an industry on its own.

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Work at home has become such a rage with the advent of internet that it has evolved into an industry on its own. As with almost all other industries, this too has been infested with scamsters trying to con you. In fact, this devil is more at work in this industry due to the basic demerits of the functionality. These demerits are actually the merits – no physical presence. The reason the online or work at home industry elevated to this level is because you don’t need to arrive at a particular place called office, and still work can be executed with equal productivity and efficiency. This has been exploited by the conmen to their advantage. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while trying to enter into the world of work at home.

Don’t pay for the membership or subscription fees at the first glance. You will come across thousands of websites claiming instant work and profits. Remember, it is not so easy when practiced. Secondly, there will be lot of competition for the work on offer. Study and research these sites thoroughly before you invest a single cent on these. Get as much information about the employer before you make any commitment towards spending some money. Genuine employers will never ask for any money for the employment opportunities.

Enter into the forums on work at home. You will come across people from all over the world discussing the idea and problems associated with work at home. Some of them will also be seen complaining about the opportunity they were trapped in. Make a list of such websites about whom there are frequent complaints. It is always better to avoid such scamsters.

Envelope stuffing scheme has been the king of all scams in the history of work at home industry. The scamsters claim that you will be paid for stuffing the envelopes. Apply wisdom here – why a company will pay you one dollar for stuffing one envelope. Similar schemes have evolved with the main principle in place. You will be asked to pay for the membership to start data entry work. Once paid, you will be asked to place the ad of the same site at various places. If you receive X amount of positive responses, then you will be paid Y amount. In reality, such scamsters don’t have any work available for you. They work on the pyramid or gold ring scheme to con more people making you as their front agent.

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