Web Directories – General Introduction

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Why are web directories so popular nowadays?
Everyone is looking at getting their own directory but most webmasters still haven’t considered what a good directory submission strategy can offer them.

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Having a web directory is becoming increasingly popular these days. It can bring many benefits such as delivering an increased amount of new visitors and providing a steady income. Google, Yahoo and MSN contribute heavily to its algorithm. Many webmasters are attracted by the fact that they can get traffic from such directories and would pay a small fee or put a reciprocal link to get their website listed in these directories. These benefits will ultimately improve the promotion of the website.

Webmasters are also very interested with inbound links for improving their PR (Page Rank) with Google. A good PR gives better position in Google’s search engine results. In theory the more quality inbound links you get, the higher your PR will go. Directories give a good solution for all webmasters. They also prove to be a good addition to existing web sites.

We can differentiate 3 types of directories: free, reciprocal-link and Pay for Inclusion directories:

1) Free directories are by far the most interesting for webmasters as they can give a high PR without having to spend a penny. However you’ll have to spend some time submitting your website to all of these. They don’t usually give you much traffic either as there is an over abundance of them on the internet.

2) Reciprocal-Link directories require placing a small link into the webmaster’s website. This can be dangerous if the directory has been black listed by Google.

3) Finally, Paid For Inclusion directories can deliver very good results as they usually give better PR and have more traffic than free directories.

However, not all directories will give you good results. Many use a redirect function for linking to your website. Your website won’t benefit from such links. You’ll need a static outgoing link from directories to gain weight with search engines. Many of the directories do offer you deep-linking options which mean that they will allow you to submit more than one URL from your domain in order to get your internal pages more traffic and ranking.

So keep in mind that directories are wholly beneficial for your websites as long as you take the time to carefully plan the submission beforehand by checking if they are not using tricks (redirects, reciprocal). Also, don’t forget to submit your website to the most relevant category on the directory and to read its description!

What Ecommerce Software Has to Offer

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Setting up a website can seem a daunting task to many of us. Not everyone is proficient at building stunning, effective and dynamic websites; but if you have a product or a service to sell, then having your own website utilizing ecommerce software is one of the most fruitful methods of making sales.

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Setting up a website can seem a daunting task to many of us. Not everyone is proficient at building stunning, effective and dynamic websites; but if you have a product or a service to sell, then having your own website utilizing ecommerce software is one of the most fruitful methods of making sales.

The Advantages of Ecommerce

Selling your product online means there are no geographic limitations. You can sit in your lounge in Texas and sell your home-knitted scarves to people living in Japan. The costs of setting up your business are comparatively non-existent. You don’t need to purchase or rent a shop. You don’t need to pay for decoration, you will undoubtedly be using less staff and the only utility bills are bills you would usually pay at your own home anyway.

About Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce software is any software used on your website to help customers easily shop and pay for their items easily, safely and quickly. In recent years, one of the many advances of the Internet has been the increase in publicity surrounding Internet security. It is absolutely imperative that as well as a good crisp and clean looking website you also offer and display high security on all of your online payments. If you don’t you will undoubtedly lose customers and money.

Shopping Carts and Payments – The Essential Items

If you’ve done any shopping online, you will have probably come across shopping carts of varying levels of quality. When considering ecommerce software you need to pick shopping cart software for your site that is user friendly, stable and fits the design of your site. You should ensure that it can be used on any operating system and as many browsers as possible. Don’t forget that not everyone uses Internet Explorer.

When a visitor is looking around your site at the items you have to offer, you are perhaps hoping that they will make a purchase. Making the buying process easy for them will encourage them to do that. An ‘Add To Cart?button is virtually standard on any ecommerce site now, and clicking on this button should take you to a simple but effective looking shopping cart page. Shoppers should be able to select how many items they want and then add that to basket. Once they have selected that item, it may be a good idea to take them back to the page they were last on, encouraging them to continue shopping and spending more money.


Everybody loves a good deal, and Internet shoppers are by no means different. Try to make sure that your ecommerce software allows you to give discounts under certain circumstances. Perhaps, a 10% discount for anyone spending over $200. Recent ecommerce software offering shopping carts will give you both product level and order level discount options, so you can have sale items as well as spend dependant discounts.

The Bottom Line

If you want to set up an ecommerce website, you will have to get some shopping cart software. Most surfers will simply look for another site if you don’t give them the options they expect.

A good shopping cart will give you plenty of options and the opportunity to offer discounts and sale items. A reputable ecommerce software company will, at the very least, give you detailed instructions on installing this software onto your site and how to use it. Choose wisely.

Why Will You Fail When You Create a Website?

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Perhaps you are in a non-profit organisation. Why should you create a website? Perhaps you are offering a gardening or plumbing or dentistry service. Why should you create a website? Perhaps you are selling private jets. Why should you create a website?

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Why Should You Create a website?


A. What do you want when you create a website?

B. What to do to get what you want.


A. What do you want?


1. You may be in a non-profit organisation and want to post forthcoming events on the web. You don’t want to have thousands of visitors to the site. But wait – do you want to create a website for new members from the web? I found a new barbershop singer through my website.

2. You may have a small business selling locally. You’re happy with yellow pages. But wait – how many thousand words can you put in your yellow page advert?

There is no limit if you create a website.

Have you ever had someone keep you on the phone for half an hour of your valuable time with their questions? Wouldn’t it be nice to direct them to your website for answers and sales messages? Create a website!

Once you’ve written all those answers, wouldn’t it be profitable to have potential customers reading your answers? Create a website. A dentist has clients from a hundred miles away, from his website.

3. Perhaps you sell items weighing a hundred tons costing a million dollars. When you create a website you can still write as much information about your product as you like – not like the yellow pages. Then you can direct prospects to phone to make an appointment with your best sales staff.

4. You want to sell a product on the web. First create a website then get lots of traffic.

5. You want to make money on the web?!! without a product?!! No…I’m not laughing. Create a website. If you have lots of traffic you don’t even have to be good at selling to make some money with Google Adsense.

If you’re good at pre-selling then you can try affiliate marketing, or selling advertising on your site, or several other channels of income. Just create a website and get the traffic first.

B. What to do about it
To get high traffic you must give visitors what they want. Tricking Google will only get your domain banned from their listing.

Here are some things not to do when you create a website. If your visitors hit the back button their numbers don’t count.

1. Don’t use frames when you create a website – the search engines can’t find you, and the inventors of frames don’t use them on their own website.

2. It may be artistic to disguise your links, but you will lose customers. I visited a site that displayed just one big picture. I happened to pass my mouse over the picture on the way to the back button, and discovered links flashing on the screen. Apparently I had to click on bits of the picture to see any more!

3. Don’t use Flash when you create a website. If people are using ADSL they are unlikely to wait longer than three seconds before hitting the back button. If they’re on a 56K modem they might be prepared to wait ten seconds. You’ve just lost another client.

4. Don’t use big pictures when you create a website. If you have a photography site, use postage stamp sized pictures with the size stated in your coding, and ask the visitor to click for a larger picture. Telling the browser how high and wide your picture is will allow it to load after the text, so your visitor has something to look at meantime.

5. Don’t use irrelevant pictures when you create a website. One picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture is saying what you want it to say.
Why do people visit websites? It is NOT for entertainment. Their TV gives them all the moving pictures that they need. Even if it is an adult site, the visitor is really wanting to download digital information for later entertainment.

Information is what your visitor wants – When you create a website don’t waste your time and money on anything else.

A paid designer will use all sorts of clever artistic tricks – you now know that you will lose clients that way. More than 99% of new websites soon have to close because they have no traffic, which means no profit.

That is your biggest mistake. Instead, find what people want to know first, then give it to them.

So why create a website? Simple, you know more about your own subject than any show-off website designer. You don’t even need to understand HTML coding if you use SBI. You still should learn a little about HTML coding, but there are free lessons on my website.

Reasons for search engine optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical term for methods that are used, links to relevant search terms in the results pages of search engines to higher courts appear to be.

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The topic of search engine optimization for websites, in times of increasing use of the Internet and increasing search for dienstleistenden providers on the Internet is becoming critical. In order within the World Wide Web to keep pace with the competition, is a professional SEO consultancy recommended.

For a site to the highest positions in the major search engines to consolidate, Also, the ranking of a website to optimize various conditions should be taken into account. First helps you with the advice to SEO, keywords (keywords) to match the site’s content. With the help of professional Seoprograms find the SEO consultant in the wake of the search engine optimization quickly one or the other word combination, in the leading search engines often sought. The key words will be on your web page in the source text, and also in the page description. A search engine can be in the best way to read a Web page access and hence in the first ranks to consolidate.

After that, your home then in the various search engines. During the search engine optimization can register your home at & nbspeiner high number of search engines to be-so your site is found better, and this in turn leads to an automatic increase your orders.

In addition, web catalogs also distortion in a crucial measure for a site in the network to be popular. Your SEO consultancy will determine the most important web catalogs and Internet directories, and add the content accordingly. A plus point is the substantive examination of all sites by human editors, so that an appropriate quality standard is ensured.

One also effective action within the search engine optimization is to book a commercial advertising. These ads are available for a fee and are in a certain area of the search engines separately from the conventionally identified entries. Paid only if a prospect clicks on the advertisement and therefore arrived at their site.

To the search engine optimization for their website off, are also links to other pages exchanged. The larger side of their links to other sites, the better their placement. And as you reach the Through the use of a product directory, where you can only register as a user. The SEO advice helps you to a corresponding article for the directory to create and publish, thus & nbspein or two back links to get their side link. How can you be sure that your page so popular on the Net. With the help of a tracking tools you will receive a detailed insight about the visit data on your side. With this professional full service you will be in the area of search engine optimization in the best way supplies!

Internet Business

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Business on the internet is often referred to as E-Commerce. Some people do business completely through e-commerce. Their customers come from the internet, they do all their communication on the internet, and don’t need a real-world store do do any business.

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Business on the internet is often referred to as E-Commerce. Some people do business completely through e-commerce. Their customers come from the internet, they do all their communication on the internet, and don’t need a real-world store do do any business.

More commonly, businesses have both a storefront and an internet presence. This is often referred to as limited e-commerce. Think of stores you shop at who also maintain a web presence where they can take orders. This is a good example of limited e-commerce.

Almost any business, from large corporations to individual freelancers, benefit from a web presence. A website is a sign of your professionalism. It can be there just for the information value or, ideally, it can be designed to generate leads. A presence on the web shows that you understand today’s technology and the customer’s need for information. A good website shows customers why they would benefit from working with you.

If you want to be involved in e-commerce, the first start is finding a good e-commerce webhost. With a good host you will be able to set up a site easily and find many options for making your site stand out. It should have auto-responders for your clients, an easy way to make a purchase, and several options for payment. Even if you are only selling one product you want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy it.

People turn to the web for almost everything today. If you are not on it, you should be. It’s time to start using e-commerce.


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