Loyal customers on its way to extinction

By , March 19, 2020 1:07 am


maintaining loyal customers

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How do you keep visitors loyal to your site? That is the question.

The answer?

Reward them so they will keep on coming back.

Customers have the tendency to readily sign up for anything being offered to them when they know that they are getting something for it. And chances are, when they see that you deliver what you promised, they would gladly come back for more to see what you have to offer the next time around.

Example of prizes are discount coupons, sweepstakes entry, free trial, etc. This way, they will be more inclined to register and turn over their personal information to you.

You can also give them free samples of what your site offers. The more you reward these people, the more familiar they will be with your service or product. This will result in better responses. Maybe they can even give out recommendations for new customers.

But before you can attain this level of marketing and reaching customers, you first have to make your site work. Since your site will be your initial marketing material, you need to make sure that your message will get through to them.

Here are some of the kinds of messages you need and need not use on your site.

Make them short and convincing. Do not include detailed product descriptions, information or long and winding stories about you and the company.

Make use of short titles and bulleted points or emphasis. Using these, your customers will be able to take in important information in a glance. You may want to put up a summary at the top and link it to the information you want read. Help your readers access quickly what interests them and what they want to know.

Be sure to set up a way for customers to effortlessly update their information or unsubscribe.
Check your site from time to time to make sure that all your information is up to date. Nothing can make visitors run away fast than a site with outdated information.

Do not spam. Avoid this at all cost.

Be different. Try to include some point of difference, attitude or special service that makes you different from all the others.

Lastly, support your promotion. Do not just sit back after you have sent out your promotion. Try following up. The best time should be the earliest time possible.

So do you know how to get more loyal customers?

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