www.cashrichmoney.com Launches new innovative website design to review top web hosting companies

By , May 21, 2020 6:45 am


After being in the business of web hosting for over a year, CRM’s web design ability has finally come to the forefront and helped the website cater and appeal towards customers in need of hosting reviews, packages, and cheap web hosting.

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struggling with web design and retaining customers has long kept CRM at bay and in the shadows of giant web hosting review websites. After thoroughly researching and analyzing the web hosting customer market, Faraz Dayvandi and Tal Lifschitz, creators of CRM channeled their efforts towards creating a website which exhibits a high quality design, the most popular web hosting companies, ratings, accolades and awards, testimonials, and instructional pages on how to go through the purchase process with each affiliated company.
The website design establishes tables focused on separate but integral parts necessary for customers to break down web hosting. On the left side of the website, there is a navigational bar which leads you straight to the web hosting chart. The web hosting chart (located at the bottom of the page) is a creative and unique chart which displays seven of the best companies in the industry. Each company has its own well organized review page with ratings of price, benefits, setup, and customer support. The web hosting chart also includes testimonials, CRM’s star rating, a list of benefits and price of the cheapest package available. Furthermore, unlike many top web hosting review companies, CRM has managed to provide free coupons which offer many valuable incentives for customers.
Aside from having an efficient page design with easily accessible tables and charts, CRM is also highly credible; the website is placed on several highly touted and sought after first pages on Google search engine results page; a simple Google search for a general web hosting keyword will display CRM in the top ten results. Through CRM’s impressive back link popularity, and efficient content they’ve managed to top millions of other web hosting providers.
The top of the page is occupied by problems both new and former customers have experienced or will face with a majority of web hosting companies. To the right of the problems, there are visible solutions with check marks which correspond to the problems and show how CRM handles a variety of web hosting issues.
Another nifty little section was the “How to buy?instruction page, which has screenshots and instructions to help customers through the practice of signing up and purchasing web hosting, along with registering a domain name and getting your .com active and ready.
“I’m really satisfied with the direction we’re heading; I vowed to set the standard and raise bar of a web hosting Review Company. It appears that hosting companies can only improve through a direct analysis of their competitors and complying with the ideals of customers. We’ve improved tremendously in our ability to provide a wide spectrum of web hosting packages at varying prices, and high level reviews as well as delivering helpful coupons.??Faraz Dayvandi, CRM Webmaster
As long as websites increase their productivity, design, and appeal the hosting industry will face an influx of new born websites which copy the style of current successful websites, but if one can manage to stay on top of every single category such as CRM, customers will have an easier time of finding the right web hosting company to fit their needs.

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