Marketing: What comes into mind?

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websites and marketing

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When people think of marketing, they think of ads, logos, brochures, and of course, the latest addition, web sites.

These forms of marketing are understandable. People see ads and brochures everyday, may it be in their home or as they go about their work. It is common for people to usually form opinions of the products or services just by looking at the print ads they see.

In the trend of today, marketing is taken into web sites. Since everyone seem to have their own computer nowadays and have internet connection to match, marketing in sites have been more advantageous and beneficial.

So it is important that web site owners try to make their site appear its best, almost perfect. Just the thought of the many people that into them and scrutinize the contents is enough to want to make your site look perfect. Also, there are those who form a general opinion from just a single basis. So your site will probably be the thing that will
encourage or discourage the people of trying to contact you personally and choose you from among the many others.

So when people and business decide that they want to do some web site marketing and be effective in that field, they really get caught up in the many processes required to achieve the goals of a good marketing tool.

If you want your site to be an effective marketing tool, you should know the factors that make people read more and visit your site. There are lots of books or articles already written that help people to know the important points how to go about site marketing. Majority of them have proven their worth and usefulness.

The process of designing has many considerations before going into the process itself. They are not only about making them look cool or sexy. Or using the latest and trendiest tool. Sometimes making use of what others are already using does not earn points for you. Readers are always trying to find something new and seeing the same things is not am choice they would make.

The purpose of marketing is to attain and retain profitable customers. This is the end prize and no other reason is more important. Oftentimes companies tend to be so caught up in just the internal appearance of their site that they forgot that the contents are more important.

They are also forgetting the fact that marketing is generating revenue. Anything other than that is not marketing.

PageRank Paranoia

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The most recent paranoia involving websites is the thing called PageRank. Most webmasters and site owners are going crazy over it

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PageRank determines how well your site is. PageRank values may vary depending on your site’s performance. In order to see your site’s PageRank values, download the same from Google. Marketing analysts and administrators want to be updated with the PageRank so as to determine where to exert more effort in marketing the sites.

What is involved in the PageRankmania? Usually, the Google toolbar fetches the PageRank values from the data center with the use of its IP address. Values come in simple text files to the toolbar. When the Google Dance begins it displays the old PageRank values.

Administrators and marketers are having a hard time finding strategies to keep the PageRank high so as to give them greater opportunity than those sites found under them. How do they keep up with the tough competition?

Administrators and marketers alike are discovering lots of techniques to increase their site’s PageRank. Some of these techniques include submission of articles to various submissions sites, subscribing to forums, blogs, blog commenting, directory submissions, reciprocal linking, three-way linking, and offering discounts. These techniques are already proven. Aside from these techniques, administrators and marketers are still discovering more.

Google search engine as well as the rest of the search engines is actively finding the keywords in a site. Keywords have to be placed in the right position and with the right density in order for search engines to locate it instantly.

What though is the essence of this mania?
If there are hundreds of sites with the same keywords and your site landed on the first page of the search engine, imagine the advantage, imagine the opportunity. Now, imagine no more for it can be your reality.

Let’s face it, viewers and searchers are lazy enough to browse over all the sites in that resulted from their queries. Obviously, they will select the ones on the first page especially those situated on a higher ranking.

If you are one of those situated in higher rank chances are you will get most of the viewers. This will be greatly advantageous on your site. Greater viewers mean greater chance of marketing your goods or services.

Work the PageRankmania to your advantage. It surely pays off.

Designing Your Site For The Search Engines

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When you design a website, it’s easy to focus on what your visitors are going to see. What you have to realise, though, is that you’re going to have another kind of visitor with a completely different agenda: they’re not going to be looking at your pretty logo and they’re not going to be passing judgement on your background colour. What they’re looking for is the content and structure of your page.

They’re the search engine spiders, and they are in control of probably the…

web design

When you design a website, it’s easy to focus on what your visitors are going to see. What you have to realise, though, is that you’re going to have another kind of visitor with a completely different agenda: they’re not going to be looking at your pretty logo and they’re not going to be passing judgement on your background colour. What they’re looking for is the content and structure of your page.

They’re the search engine spiders, and they are in control of probably the largest section of your traffic. You need to please these spiders if you want your site to be successful. Here’s how.

Make Your Structure Clear.

Resist the temptation to lay your page out in non-standard ways: you want it to be very clear to the search engine where the navigation is, where the content is, and where the headings are. As a rule, put navigation first in your page. Always use the heading tags (h1, h2, etc.) for headings and sub-headings.

Avoid using generic span and div tags and only making things clear to the user through CSS font sizes: instead, use every ‘semantic’ HTML tag that applies to your content. If you’re quoting someone, use the blockquote tag; if you’re posting program code, use the code tag. Search engines love this.

Keep Keywords Consistent.

It’s not usually worth deliberately saturating your content with keywords in hope of a higher search ranking ?the engines have pretty much wised up to this tactic ?but do make sure that your keywords appear consistently when they occur naturally. For example, for these articles, I have stuck with ‘website’ throughout, as suddenly writing ‘web site’ instead would bring down my rankings.

HTML and Javascript.

It’s worth noting that search engines read HTML, but they don’t, in general, read Javascript. That means that using Javascript to insert text into your page is a bad idea if you want search engines to see the text. On the other hand, you might want to have just the text in HTML and insert all the other parts of the page with Javascript: this will tend to make your page appear more focused, although you should be careful not to insert navigation links this way if you want the search engines to follow them.

Use Meta Tags.

Yes, meta tags are out of fashion, and search engines pay no attention to them any more when it comes to ranking your site, but they’re still important in one way: the meta description tag is still often used to decide what text search engines’ users see when they find your site in their results! This can be just as important as the ranking itself ?write something here that will look useful to the searcher, and you’re more likely to get them to click-through. Don’t forget that, while search engines are just machines and algorithms, the end result of it all does involve a human decision: to click, or not to click?

Avoid Splash Pages.

You might think it’s a great idea to have a ‘splash’ page displaying a full-page version of your logo (or an ad) to every user who arrives at your site, but search engines really hate that. Using this trick will get you ranked far lower than you would usually be, so you should avoid it ?it’s annoying to visitors anyway.

Include Alt Tags.

Any time you use a graphic, include alt text for it ?especially if there is text in the graphic. Remember that, as far as search engines are concerned, all your graphics might as well just be big black boxes. Test by removing all your graphics and seeing if your content remains relatively intact. If it doesn’t, then you’ll be turning search engines away.

Finally, Write Great Content.

The key with modern search engines (and, at the same time, the thing you have least control over) is how many people decide to link to your page from their page. How can you make more people link to you? Make your content useful. Make it something they’ll want to quote on their blogs. Content is more King than it’s ever been, and the best way to design for search engines is to make your content really stand out.

Freelance Services and Outsource

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The Software Development, programming or complete IT world is set to change. Big companies are getting bigger and small companies are either getting smaller or getting out of the IT business. For more information about freelance graphic designer, freelance programmer, freelance flash work, visit:

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The Software Development, programming or complete IT world is set to change. Big companies are getting bigger and small companies are either getting smaller or getting out of the IT business. Now a days small and medium level buyers have started looking for cheaper options for outsource work like outsourcing Pakistan and others for offshore web development or freelance graphic designer etc. and so the life of employees working in Software Services companies is gradually going towards instability.
The availability of freelancing jobs are also on the rise in the world market. If a programmer or any software expert, is ready to put in some extra hours to use his/her skills and experience, as a freelance graphic designer, freelance flash work, offshore web development or having any kind of specialty then the chances of survival in the industry becomes much bigger. Freelancing is becoming a potential option, too good to be ignored, helping freelancers to earn money and buyers a value for their money as well, is planning to outsource work in some ways, which can help programmers to reap the benefits to outsource projects as a freelancer. has allowed freelance programmer, developers and designers to focus on offshore web development or outsource to Pakistan. Instead of going out looking for jobs and clients who have projects in hand and ready to hear what freelancer can do for them. Freelancers are ready to outsource projects. The Web Agent mostly Outsource to Pakistan and the services are cheap and best.
The type of jobs could be different every time. Some of them could be Development of a new project or testing an existing project or enhancing an already available proprietary or open source code or writing content etc. If any buyer required a freelance graphic Designer, freelance flash work, offshore web development, all services available and outsource to Pakistan,
Of course the first medium of choice for programmers is freelancing through the web. Because offline marketing is so tedious and will also need a lot of resources. So the obvious choice will be freelancing web Agent with the following qualities.
1. Freelancer has a lot of projects to choose from.
2. Web Agent pays the programmers regularly and sincerely after completion of a project.
3. Web Agent charges nominal commissions.
4. Web Agent resolves disputes (if any) by interfacing between the freelancer and buyers.
5. Web Agent has secure payment facilities is also offering opportunities for programmers. This could be in the form of compensation for writing content /article/sample projects etc. Outsource your freelance projects to a freelance programmer and designers at the prices you want to pay. offers, freelance programmers and graphic designers, jobs that they can choose to work from. Contact us for your freelance projects or freelance websites and find the freelance programmers, graphic designers, web designers, and web developers.
Freelancers outsourcing Pakistan search and choose the right project, which matches their skill sets, for this they write a neat and complete introduction about what they or their group of people can offer. This intro could include the freelancer’s past experience, any excellence records/rewards, qualifications which buyers think makes them the right person for the job etc. during all activities any freelancer shouldn’t try to by-pass the site’s rules as the buyer could develop distrust on the provider. One has to be prompt in replying to the queries raised by the buyer with clear answers. Though the messages can bounce back and forth for a while, this approach can really develop confidence with the buyer to choose the provider.

Freelancing Responsibilities:
After winning the project, it is essential to complete the project on time. If there is any delay or the project is planned to be for longer duration, the buyer should be kept updated with regular status reports. After completion of the project it is vital to request the buyer to give feedback about the work. These references will help freelancers in getting more projects easily.
Contact us for outsource work, outsourcing Pakistan freelancers, or required a freelance graphic Designer for your freelance projects or freelance websites and find the freelance programmers, graphic designers, web designers, and web developers.

Designs do not just sprout out of thin air

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clients involvement in designs

printing, graphic design

Looking at graphic designs, you may begin wondering how each is extremely different from another. You would not see deigns that look the same. There are also similarities, maybe in colors and in concepts, but that is where it ends.

If you have works that needed to be done, you would consider having more than one graphic designer to do it. This way, you are assuring yourself of an original piece of work.

If it is any consolation, there are a number of combination, design and color techniques that graphic designers can use to produce the quality design clients are looking for. No two designs are the same, can be quite similar but certainly not the same.

Ever wonder how these graphic designers come up with their ideas? Or better yet, are they willing to share the process of their work to the people? By giving people ideas on how they go about their designs, peoples?questions and wonderings would definitely be solved.

For some who believes that these designers border from a magician to a superhuman, they would be devastated to know that the designers are just as human as all of them are. That the graphic designs are works created by people having more imagination than most people have. And that modern tools and equipments are now available for everything people can think of doing.

Graphic designers should take into consideration that designs would not be possible if it weren’t for the people who have thought of it and wanted it done. These are the clients asking for their services. It would not at all be asking too much for these same clients to be included in the process of graphic designs making. Giving them an idea is not exactly sharing trade or personal secrets.

Just enough to make them better understand that graphic designs do not just appear out of thin air. And that the ones who make them are not wizards. Experts, but not magicians.

Including clients into the design process would be giving them insight from the time the idea is being processed to the time it is under way. It would give them opportunity to give feedbacks and maybe suggestions on how to better create a product.

This can be a way of insuring that the product would be successful, with both the makers and the clients doing their part. Not all clients would like to be included in this process. These are the ones only after the results, not minding how it was done.

Getting the client involved in the making of graphic designs would surely be a way of dissolving any option of graphic designers as magicians. They just do their jobs well.

Debunking a Website Cash Scam.

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Online merchants who are trying to make an honest living are being ruined by the increasing number of scams. Can you spot a scam when you see one? This article shows you how.

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With, quite literally, thousands of websites promoting get-rich-quick theories, it’s completely understandable that the average net user will be sucked in at least once. Most people have seen one, some people have bought one. But not many people know how to spot one.

Yes, I’m talking about the big evil ?internet scams.

Just as there are honest producers in the ‘physical world?selling their merchandise, there are also many honest internet merchants trying to make their living selling to the public online. The World Wide Web has opened up a whole new marketplace for the general public to buy quality e-produce. And, like everywhere else, there are those few dishonest scam-artists who prey on the paying public. The biggest breeding ground for scams is, of course, the niche market of ‘making money online? Surprisingly, my own research has concluded that the scam-to-kosher ratio is a startling 50/50. Simply meaning, there are just as many scams as there are real online products. This brings me to the main point of this article, which is how to tell the difference between these often well presented sites.

Firstly, you need to have a good look at the appearance of the site. Most good sales websites look alike in their formatting. All the information is usually positioned in a vertical frame down the centre of the page. This is to ensure that the search engines can read it properly. This does not necessarily mean that the site is advertising a scam, as even honest merchants have to make a sale. What you are looking for is what kind of information you get from the site content itself. Promises of massive sums of money and typical sales hype are not unusual for any sales copy, but from reading the text do you know without a doubt what the site is asking you to buy? A ‘make cash online‘ website may offer you a ‘Money Making System’ and provide you with screen prints of the sales they are making as proof. Good sales text on top of this may be enough to get some people to but the product. But what does the merchant really mean by ‘money making system’? In one instance, I bought one of these products that promised unlimited money-making ability, a program that would run by itself and said you didn’t need to pay a cent other than buying the system. Not only was this system nothing but a one page website with point-form instructions, you had to buy the hosting, domain name and custom website for the system. You even had to pay them a monthly fee for advertising. The text of the website needs to tell you what you are paying for. If a money-making system is a book, then the site needs to say that it is a book. If a website states that they are offering a book in electronic format that you download after paying for it, you can be rest assured that is what you will get. A merchant would face many legal issues, at the least they could face false advertising charges, if they didn’t provide what they advertise. But a merchant who made no promises about what you get for your money doesn’t face the same legal hurdles.

The price of the product is the next thing to look at. What is too much or too little to pay? Have a look at the product. You wouldn’t usually spend hundreds of dollars on a book, neither would you expect to pay $3 for a software program. The only advice I can give you is don’t pay a price you find unreasonable. If you really want to try the product you can always email the merchant and try to negotiate a price.

Finally, check there is some form of contact information on the site. Even an email address qualifies. An honest merchant will always give a prospective customer a chance to ask questions or negotiate the price.

I hope this article gives people something to think about when they next go to buy an online money making product.

Web Site Turn Ons

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When you develop a sales brochure, you have a mental checklist of what needs to be in it. You probably look at brochures from other vendors. You get advice from friends and colleagues. You probably also notice the sales flyers you get in the mail. What do you notice? What gets your attention? You use these same questions to develop the look, feel, and content of your web site.

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When you develop a sales brochure, you have a mental checklist of what needs to be in it. You probably look at brochures from other vendors. You get advice from friends and colleagues. You probably also notice the sales flyers you get in the mail. What do you notice? What gets your attention?

A web site for your business has many of the same purposes as a sales brochure. At the same time, it is more “delicate?and requires more attention. It is technically more advanced and therefore more challenging to design as well as to keep up to date.

Below are 10 things you should consider when developing a web site. These will give you a good start. After reading them, you may be able to add more.

Know your audience. You need to know who are the people most likely to look at your site so that you can target that audience. Who are your current and potential customers? What kinds of words or pictures do they respond to? You are more likely to make sales to those who spend time at your site, so you need to make the pitch to your most likely candidates.

Learn from the best. Spend some time on the web. Look at your competitors’ sites as well as unrelated sites. Discover which presentations you like and what colors work well together. Take note of how easy or hard it is to navigate through the sites. Save the addresses you like so that you can return to them easily (this is called a “bookmark?. The better your web site looks, the more time people will spend with it and the better your chances of increased business or sales.

Plan ahead. Once you know your audience (who is most likely to be interested in your product or service) take time to lay out the content of each page and how different pages will link to each other. The more planning you do up front, the easier it will be to get up and running, and the fewer changes you will need to make down the road.

Graphics are worth 10,000 pixels. This is a play on the expression, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.? Text in different colors can highlight important information. Animation, sound, and video may be important, especially if they are business related. Be aware, however, that if graphics take more than 8 seconds to load, a potential customer may get impatient and move on. On the other hand, the effective and efficient use of graphics can provide a lot of information that will catch people’s attention. Potential customers may not take the time to read text, but they can judge quickly from a picture if the product or service will meet their needs.

Be a good neighbor. If you want to quote a source, get permission. If some of the ideas you present are not yours, give credit where credit is due. Use disclaimers or disclosures when required or appropriate. This enhances your reputation as a vendor.

Connect with the world. Provide links to other sites that sell accessories, add-ons, or related products. This will make it easier for them to do get all they need with minimal searching. Try to arrange for reciprocal links. The more ways people can get to your site, the more people will see it.

Test your site. Always check your text for errors in both spelling and grammar. Remember that a spell checker will find incorrect spellings but not incorrect usage (i.e., the difference between “its?and “it’s?. Also, what you see in one browser may not be what you get in another. You need to make sure that all the fonts, centering, and alignment work. Test uploading times and links with slow modems. While you can’t examine every possible computer hardware and software configuration that users might have, the more scenarios your site works well on, the more people will spend time with it.

Get outside opinions. Find out what people think about your site. Ask for specifics like colors, fonts, graphics, time to load, and ease of navigation. Receive both positive and negative feedback graciously. Thank people for their suggestions. Remember that you will not be able to please everyone, but the more people who like your site, the more they will recommend it to others.

Let people know where you are. Register with search engines. Tell your current and potential customers through phone calls or email. Include your web address on your business cards, letterhead, print ads, and email signature. The best web site in the world will not make money if people don’t know it’s there.

Keep it fresh. Update the content on a timely basis. Use contests and promotions. Conduct surveys and polls where people can vote. Make your web site fun and interactive. Your site should be interesting and constantly refreshed so people will keep coming back to see what’s new.

Remember that your web site is an electronic ad for your business. Make certain that it reflects your business well.

?Copyright 1999 – 2005 Alicia Smith

Permission to reproduce granted if all attribution & contact information is included.

A Glisten for Web Design

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Web Design Delhi is budding grassland these days, create more opportunities everyday specialized. It has happen to good-looking career estimation for youngster’s wannabe to be an apart of this internet bandwagon. Even the work and options are escalating for web site one need proper creative abilities and experience of doing the actual work.

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Web Design Delhi designing needs imagination whether its web design, scheming a home or conniving cloths. Your inventiveness is the key of accomplishment in scheming field. This field is so changeable. In each day there is demand of amazing fresh or new, in other words a bit more creative. To provide this demand your imaginative ability are the only serving feature. When you will be request to intend a website, you necessitate to formulate an delineate of the website at the time of conversation with clients or conclusion customer, and then ask for any detailed design or potential vision of website which your consumer is looking for, evaluator the prediction of user interactivity and on the whole ranking of website describe confirmed by your purchaser. This work needs an appropriate apparition to believe on dissimilar subject from diverse expert and commerce angle. In attendance are confident rudiments of complete website design, and convinced skill which are compulsory to be a wonderful trendy. Image and inspiration are indispensable skill which is binding for all webs chic. In Web Design Delhi If you feel you have the preferred abilities of apparition, inspiration and an infatuation to put your ingenuity into designs then website manipulative can be a worthwhile occupation selection for you. You also require improving your skill and awareness of web design technology at habitual intermission. Since, this ground is one of the greatest varying fields, and to keep velocity with the market you need to be simplified in terms of information, skill and technology creature use. You moreover require clear notion of user wants as you cannot provide the finest effect to your regulars devoid of assessing their user desires.

Consumers want utmost returns of their savings and do give them total approval you must have to accomplish their needs. In Web Design Delhi another prerequisite is ability to wipe out your own work with ease. At first, it may look comical but it’s true because quite a few times your customers will refuse your design which was outcome of solid work without any motive, and you have to start from scratch again. Web Design Delhi is the only key footstep by which the web site gets popularity.

Website technologies on the Go!

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Client Side and Servers Side are the two kinds of technologies used in web sites. The first type means that the processing of the technology is done in the web browser. On the other hand, Server Side is done by the web server.

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In your web browser, Client Side technologies use HTML, XHTML and CSS in order to create web sites. HTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a manner of labeling text so that the computer can understand what it means and what it wants.

If we are to trace its humble beginning, HTML was created by Tim-Berners-Lee in the year 1990. This creation was acknowledged by the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium. The use of a series of ‘tags?is the function of HTML. To emphasize a word, say to make the word ‘mike?bold, here is the right tag – mike. The result of which is this – mike. In order to come up with a whole site, series of appropriate tags is indispensable.

After HTML came XHTML. This technology means eXtended Hyper Text Markup Language. It is foretold to constitute a big part of the world wide web’s future. The project of the W3C called “The Semantic Web?will be utilizing more of XHTML as well as other latest technologies. This will bring about a modern change that we never expected since 1990.

Another worth-knowing technology is called CSS. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS was created by W3C. It is a user-friendly way of showing what the text is and how it should be displayed in the page. It guides designers to have the ability to control how the documents are presented visually in different mediums. This is an example of how to use it – font-family:Verdana, sans-serif. This is used to make the web browser use Verdana font. If Verdana is unavailable, then the default will be sans-serif font.

CSS allows a single file, style sheet to be utilized for the whole site. It is also downloaded once, thus saves time and effort.

To learn more about HTML, XTML and CSS, there are lots of tutorials available in the net.

Make your website catchy, functional and dynamic. Make it happen, use the best technologies available!

A Beam with Your Approach

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Web Design Delhi Website designing is defined as the arrangement and the creativity of the web pages. A web designing page is consists of the images and the text and we can say that the web page has the information or the data part. The original web page designers in the early period develop different designs but they are basically manually based.

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In every Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion page you find the HTML page and have its own address. Web design means designing on web though internet. It is the process of modeling, planning, execution and conceptualization through web. To design any web, execute the web, and whole structure of web regarding all parameters of web are called web designing. Web design is interpreter and displayed by GUI (Graphic user interface). Web site images are in form of GTF, JPEG, and PNG. And pages are in form of HTML, XTML or XML tags. Website contains videos, animations, vector graphics and sounds. For development of web browsers W3C standards, XHTML and XML is used and conjunction with CSS. In Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion web pages has divided into two parts; static and dynamic if we talk about static WebPages, these pages do not change their layout in request, only programmer can change the web page. And dynamic web pages change itself by any request. Content can be replaced by any client. For development of web is now important, because every human requires some new, and according to trend everything should be changed. So it is important to change web design. Today’s web designers in Web Design Delhi the web designers are demanded in the world because it is the demand of today’s scenario. Web is growing in between information technologies and communication designs. Many multinational companies are doing the same; they develop websites, design and maintain the sites. So it has become good career for student as well as owners of business. Many companies require web designers and they provide handsome package to designers, because many companies are attached to each other and they want satisfaction of client.

For providing high productivity and Assurance Company Web Design Delhi do everything. For all maintenances of web site, web developers are used. Web developers are having a bottomless eyeing to sites and having wide projects and lots of everyday jobs.

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