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How To Pick Your Website Colors

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Few decisions are more important than the color scheme your website is going to use.

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Before you can consider the finer points of your design, you need to make the big decisions. Few decisions are more important than the color scheme your website is going to use.

Pay Attention To Contrast

You need to pick colors that provide enough contrast to make your text stand out in order to promote readability. Stay away from using a light colored font on a light color background as it would be very difficult to read. Remember your emphasis is on getting your message read. An unread message is a useless message.

Not Too Many Colors

You should choose 3 or 4 colors for your site, and use only those colors (or shades of those colors). Decide ahead of time which colors you’re going to use, and stick to it.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are opposite each other on a color wheel. The 3 most common sets are:
* red and green
* blue and orange
* yellow and purple.

These colors work surprisingly well together.

Complementary colors also are a good way to pick colors that will be easily readable against a certain background: look for the exact opposite color to maximise readability.

Analog Colors

Another approach to try is to pick colors that are similar to your main color, meaning that they’re near to it on the color wheel. Red, for example, goes well with its analog colors, orange and yellow. If overdone, this can make your site look too bright, but in moderation the results can look good. It’s no coincidence that these combinations often occur in nature.

Chromatic Colors

A personal favorite, chromatic colors use different shades and hues of 1 color for your entire design — nothing else except black and white. For example, you might use light blue, bright blue and dark blue together. This creates a sleek and professional look.

Take Colors From Nature

For inspiration for a color scheme, go for a walk outside. Take a look at plants, landscapes, and animals. Nature knows how to use colors — learn from it.

Color Blindness

Try to make sure that your design uses color to make itself aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t rely on the color scheme for anything essential. Statistics show that perhaps 10% of the web users are at least partially color blind, so you need to consider these people when you design your site. Make sure they can at least read your text.

To see things the way a color blind user would, visit

Freelancer Or A Web Design Agency?

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When you are looking for someone to build a website for you, you have many different options. One of the first things you will have to do is decide is whether you want to use a freelancer or a web design agency to design your website for you. Each option has its own unique set of pros and cons that need to be carefully considered so that you get the web design professional that meets your specific wants and needs.

Freelancers can be a great option. One of the great things …

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When you are looking for someone to build a website for you, you have many different options. One of the first things you will have to do is decide is whether you want to use a freelancer or a web design agency to design your website for you. Each option has its own unique set of pros and cons that need to be carefully considered so that you get the web design professional that meets your specific wants and needs.

Freelancers can be a great option. One of the great things about a freelancer is that they have more freedom and flexibility to take on a variety of projects. Some of the most creative people in web design work strictly on a contract or freelance basis. Another great thing about using a freelance web designer is that you may be able to negotiate a great deal. Freelancers often work from their homes, so there are myriad expenses that are spared. While it is true that freelancing has its own expenses associated with it, freelancers certainly have a greater range to negotiate a price. Lastly, you may find a great talent at a bargain. Many new freelancers are eager for work and sites that they can use in their portfolio to command higher-paying jobs. These people are very talented; they are just not as experienced. If you can find one of these gems, and don’t mind being a bit patient while they get the hang of freelance work, you can get a great deal on top of the line web design service and also help a deserving person launch his or her career.

Although there are many good reasons to go with a freelancer, there are some drawbacks. If a freelancer gets in over his or her head, it might be hard for him or her to find someone to help him out. Also, there is a great potential for miscommunication and other project-killing incidents to happen with a freelancer. Lastly, with a freelancer, the price may be more variable. You may not know exactly how much the project will cost until it is already over.

If the drawbacks of hiring a freelance professional for your web design project outweigh the benefits, you may want to consider using a web design agency. Web design agencies are usually more established. It is easier to get references as well as a look at portfolio material. Furthermore, a web design agency will have a wide variety of people to work on a project, so that if there is a function that you want, there will be someone in the agency who knows how to do it. Web design agencies also have the benefit of experience. They can accurately estimate the cost of a job, so there are no surprises for you. Finally, most web design agencies are members of their local commerce chambers or some other authoritative organization. If you have a hard time with a freelancer, you don’t have very many avenues for recourse. However, with a web design agency, you are more likely to have any dispute you may have resolved to your satisfaction.

Web design agencies and freelance web design professionals both have solid good points and a couple bad points. In order to figure out which is right for you, you need to do an honest assessment of what you are looking for and what risk you are willing to tolerate for what benefits. Each project has its own needs and at any given time a freelancer might be more desirable than a web design agency or vice versa.

Web sites are for Your Audience, Not for You

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Remember when designing or revamping a web site, stay focused on what your audience is after. Don’t stray into making a site that touts yourself and what you are about. Focus on your audience.

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It is easy to forget that building a web site is a process of bringing about solutions to your end-user’s problems (as in, how can I help my customers find my store? By adding a map to the web site). Many people create their web site with only their own goals in mind. This is a big mistake. People don’t care about how neat your site is, or how much Flash you have developed, or the intricate JavaScript that you hand-coded. They are interested in getting their problems solved, and solved quickly.

So here are some tips on how you can make sure your site is based on your user’s goals. First, find out what your users goals are. Find a sampling of people who are typical end users and email or call them. Politely ask them the kind of questions that will elicit useful feedback on their goals when they come to your site (for example, what are the three things you want above all when you visit our site?). If you already have a site, ask them what things do they find challenging about the site. This is an ideal chance to identify and fix things as well.

As you actually create (or update) your web site, again keep the end user’s goals in mind and make sure that they can get to the information quickly and easily. Nothing is more annoying than finding a site that has exactly what you are after and then be unable to purchase the item! The process of designing a site so it is easy to use is far harder than it looks at first. Usability, as it is called, is an entire realm of study when it comes to web sites. But in general, make sure users can navigate (that is, click around) to the most important features of your site easily. Do you offer a free tutorial on how to use your shareware software? Make sure you have a link to it on your navigation bar or at least prominently displayed on the home page. A pleasing design can go hand in hand with usability. However, it you are not a whiz at web design, then don’t fret. A simple design that lets users navigate to their intended goal is far more preferable to a gorgeous site that people can’t navigate. So make it look as attractive as possible but usability should always come first.

And remember, the site is for your audience… not for you.

Separate text-only version? No thanks!

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Why a separate text-only version of a website is a really bad idea

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In an attempt to make their sites accessible to all, more and more websites are now offering text-only versions of their sites. With the huge number of inaccessible websites out there, any attempt to make a website accessible to one and all is highly commendable.

But is text-only the way forward? The W3C have this to say about alternative accessible sites:

And if all else fails… If, after best efforts, you cannot create an accessible page, provide a link to an alternative page.

Hmmm… so according to the W3C a separate accessible site is OK, but they do use some pretty strong language to suggest that this should be avoided wherever possible. They’re probably right too, given the disadvantages of going down the text-only route:

Text-only version may not be accessible

The most ironic thing about text-only versions, is that often they don’t even offer full accessibility. This could be for a number of reasons, two of the most common being:

– Non-descriptive link text: Visually impaired Internet users can browse web pages by tabbing from one link to the next. Link text such as ‘click here’ and ‘more’, which may feature in a text-only version, won’t make any sense to them when doing this.

– Inaccessible forms: For optimal accessibility, prompt text should be assigned to its form item, using the label for attribute. To check for this, a flashing cursor should appear in each form box when the text next to it is clicked.

Primary website may be inaccessible to site visitors

One of the myths of web accessibility is that accessibility is only about blind and disabled users. Accessibility is actually about everyone being able to access your website, both disabled and non-disabled, regardless of the browsing technology they’re using.

For example, users accessing your website through WebTV, mobile phones, and PDAs, which have limited support for large images, Flash and JavaScript, may not be able to access your site. Don’t underestimate the importance of this: in 2008 alone an estimated 58 million PDAs will be sold (source: and one third of the world’s population will own a wireless device (source:

Lost branding opportunity

Some users may only need to make small adjustments to your site in order to be able to effectively use it. For example, a site visitor who needs to slightly resize the text on your site may have to use the text-only version if you don’t allow this is the main version. This person then won’t be exposed to your online image and branding, which you’ve undoubtedly spent so long developing.

Large time and money investment

Creating a separate accessible version can obviously represents an extremely large time and money investment. This can be offset if the site is database-driven, although there’s still a time investment involved in setting up this alternative version – time that could have instead been spent making the primary site accessible to all.

Less information

Some text-only versions offer far less information and/or functionality than the primary version of the site. Manchester United’s accessible version is a prime example of this: the primary website features over 100 choices in the navigation menu; the accessible version just eight. For a busy webmaster, having to make updates to two versions of the same website can be a huge pain.

If the website is 100% database driven then the separate text-only version will automatically be updated with the primary version of the site. Although database-driven sites are commonplace on the web, it is very rare that every single page is drawn from the database. As such, even with a database-driven site separate versions can often be left behind.

Marginalisation of society

The final point, and perhaps the most important. One of the most famous quotes about accessibility was made by Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the Internet:

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.
Creating a separate version for web users with special needs can be seen as just one more way of them being marginalised from every day society. Having a separate accessible version has been famously likened to a restaurant providing a side door down a back alley for disabled customers, because the main entrance has a couple of stairs leading in to the restaurant.

The idea of the Internet is that it’s an inclusive medium, which everyone should be able to use and access. Visually impaired individuals particularly can now access a virtually unlimited source of information in a way that would never have been possible.

Text-only? No thanks!

There are therefore so many reasons as to why a separate text-only version isn’t a good idea. Additionally, there are a such huge number of benefits to having an accessible website that there’s no excuse for not trying to make your main website accessible to everyone.

Certainly many big organisations are now working towards offering accessible websites, which is highly commendable. So come on guys, let’s keep working to make sure the Internet is fully inclusive.

What’s the Fastest Way to Ruin a New Web Site

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I’ve been asked, “How do I design a successful Web site??I often respond, “Do you know the fastest way to ruin a new Web site design??As you might suspect, the answer is, “Lack of proper planning beforehand.?Let’s put it another way. In programming, there’s an old axiom, which states: “The sooner you start your coding the longer it takes to finish.”


I’ve been asked, “How do I design a successful Web site??

I often respond, “Do you know the fastest way to ruin a new Web site design??As you might suspect, the answer is, “Lack of proper planning beforehand.?

Let’s put it another way. In programming, there’s an old axiom, which states: “The sooner you start your coding the longer it takes to finish.”

Planning out your Web site before you build it is essential. To borrow a technique from the film industry, I recommend that you create a storyboard, which is a type of a flow chart of your new Web site design. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to draw out your idea, but it’s essential to create it on paper first.

On each piece of paper, the goal is to have room for an image at the top, plus space underneath for writing down information. As you might suspect, the first page to start with is your home (or welcome) page, which will typically have the most information as it will contain the page the people visit before they enter your site and as people go through your site, the will encounter more information (in tiers) as they go down.

Typically, the home page links to 5-15 pages below that, which we could refer to as Tier 2. Each of those pages links to another 5-15 pages, which you could call Tier 3.

If you use all of these pages, you’ll wind up with an extensive Web site design, of at least 226 pages (including the home page).

It’s during this process that all sorts of problems will crop up. But it’s much easier to solve them on paper than in the middle of coding rather than when you are finished… If you don’t, you might run into a major problem along the way that would require a “back to the drawing board?complete site re-design.

Working things out on paper will give you a much better idea of how things will work and how to fix problems. And, if you have knowledgeable friends, get a second opinion. Once you’ve completed the on-paper process, and you or your web designer is satisfied with the results, you’re ready to translate it into code.

Pleasant Your Site with Web Design

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Website designing is the vital element of a web page. A web designer beautifully displayed, content and it actually catches the attention of readers and thus increases the popularity of your site. How ever your whole site is organized with content, it can look really boring and might scare your visitors away. After time it becomes necessary to arrange the content thoughtfully.

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Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion categorizes your audiences if you want to organize the content in your website, it first try to know your target audiences. Practically, internet suffers are of two types. One, who knows, what they want and have a purpose. They can be easily satisfied if you make information searching in your site as easy and fast as possible. They can be easily satisfied if you make information searching in your site as simple and fast as possible. The second type of user generally has no purpose that they just happened to lurch upon your site while surfing the internet. So arrange your site keeping both suffers in mind. Does not misuse the header for giving a reliable look, a standard web site must have a header and footer? Because of its importance, many web designers make it over informative, making it really bulky. To make your target stay on the site, which brings emphasis on the content irrespective of header or footer? Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion arranges the content for arranging the content, group all related information into their respective categories. In this a user can choose to surf and read what they want by clicking on the suitable links. Execute pagination to avoid the disorganizing the content, it keep the length of the content at the smallest amount level. Separate the in sequence into different pages if you have a lot of things to tell. Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion uses the Pictures to make your information more readable and attractive, use pictures as much as you can. A picture also leaves a lasting feeling on us because our eye is more easily drawn to familiar pictures rather than words. Empty Spaces are helpful Sometimes empty spaces are intentionally. It also provides a good edge for dissimilar blocks of ideas. You can also add new paragraph so that people will get bemused. Empty space also creates a good difference in the text that establishes the flow of story or directs the eye to important areas of the web page.

Is your website content delivering you results?

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Are you effectively using your Content Management System? Or is your website content actually hindering your business from being successsful?

Web Design, Web Development, Web Promotion, Web Marketing Web Writing

The Importance of Keeping Content Up to Date
Imagine you’re the owner of a successful car dealership but when your customers look at the cars listed on your website they notice that the cars are a month or so old or, even worse, they call you only to find out that that dream car they were looking at sold a week ago? This is hardly going to give them much confidence in the rest of your offering. On the other hand, imagine your web site has information that is accurate and up-to-date, where you can update car listings after a sale to respond to visitor queries and do all this easily, painlessly and without even phoning your website company? That, in a nutshell, is an effective website content management system.

The website is a work horse
I often ask people, do your sales people sleep at night and take breaks for lunch during the day?… They look at me like I’m strange or something, but then my point is made! People realise that, when designed properly, a website works for you twenty-four hours a day, doesn’t take sick leave and proudly sells your business and handles support enquiries from your customers wherever they are, at any time of the day or night.

Give your website the attention it deserves
Just like sales teams require training, websites require attention too! In order to keep your customers interested, they need to have up-to-the-minute information to remain effective. You’ve spent all that money marketing your website, now you need to make sure you don’t mislead people with poorly structured, old and boring content. The last thing you want is for this update process to take time, in fact, it is vital that you have the flexibility to control and change the content of your web pages when you want, not when your web design company gets around to it.

By providing a service where customers can DIY their content, website companies are getting wise to a real competitive edge. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise the web design company that can provide quick and easy-to-use web content management systems will have an edge over those who can only see this as a threat.

You should have the power to choose
Web site companies should provide their customers with two choices. Concentrate on providing customers with the best tools to make changes easily, quickly and when they want while also giving customers the flexibility to continue to receive a service for updating their site (for those not quite so urgent updates). Giving customers more choice and more control very rarely fails.

Relevant information is the key to success online
When it comes to potential customers searching for your products and services, we should all understand that on the web CONTENT IS KING. Without great, well thought out content customers can’t and won’t find your website and will never do business with you. Search engines require great content to be able to find your website. A content management system bridges this problem. Otherwise your website investment is wasted!

You should now find and start using a content management tool to place in fantastic content that is kept up to date and fresh. Now you can start putting your website on the map.

Next article – Information to keep your website ahead of the competition
Watch out for my next news article which will be how a simple database can help you save hours and hours of time in keeping your website fresh and new.

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Web Designing Company in Delhi (India)

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Web design creates a special interest among clients. In web site market you find different web designing company but among all Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion is one of the most precious organizations which provide very awesome services to the customers.

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Web designing is just a feature for web development; particularly it uses to attract the people. The information age is now the network age. A design explains the quality of the web site, if it is not eye catching then people will not follow it. But in web designing service you find different basic area which you need to follow. At e-Fuzion creations we develop successful solutions for business problems every day. Generally Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion which creates two or three treatments for a website and then show them to the website owner, who chooses the best. We are not just a web design company but we work as an online media strategic consultant. Every an individual solution provided by e-Fuzion is based on the organizations integrated marketing communication plan. Web Design Delhi Company (e-Fuzion) always keeps in mind that a website whether it is a corporate website, e-commerce website or an individual website. e-Fuzion’s clients should benefit maximum resulting into increased sales and queries or intangible benefits like top of the mind recall, better brand building. Therefore, Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion includes with the aid of the web design program of your choice, you could finalize the look and feel of your current design. Now a day’s several languages and technologies are being used for web designing. Web Design Delhi company ( e-Fuzion) always keep in mind that world wide web is a highly niche market place and every marketing and communication plan for online presence has to go through the same phrases of marketing plan of offline marketing but in a very focused way. With this done, Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion will provide different idea about what people think about web designing. As the today’s has become highly competitive, product and service life cycle has decreased greatly hence resulting into ongoing up gradation and maintenance of your existing websites where you can always add and delete products and services frequently. e-Fuzions cost effective budget will suit you most. You can use e-Fuzion for a range of purposes, and it providing you to make your web site designing with in the dead line. You need not pay a hefty amount of dollars to get an intuitive design that is customized to your requirements. This can reduce the chances of damaging your credit further by reducing the webs reputation.

On behalf of your web support you first need to design your website with full consider. And for all these works you need to assume the web designing. A fine design can magnetize people towards it. Build the status of your company by using best web designing status. Be it marketing and brand promotions, customer acquisition and engagement, new market penetration or simply information dissemination and branding, corporate web sites and internet platforms have become an absolute imperative.

4 Stages of Website Design

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Stage 1 – Style over substance
The first stage is to design a site that the chief executive officer, venture capitalists, and ad agencies like to see. There are all types of “bells and whistles” in this design. An entire site might be a Flash animated site. Or there might be some beautiful JavaScript mouse over effects or drop-down menus in the design. It’s always a pretty design, but the message is clear – style over substance.


Stage 1 – Style over substance
The first stage is to design a site that the chief executive officer, venture capitalists, and ad agencies like to see. There are all types of “bells and whistles” in this design. An entire site might be a Flash animated site. Or there might be some beautiful JavaScript mouse over effects or drop-down menus in the design. It’s always a pretty design, but the message is clear – style over substance.

Stage 2 – Designing for online visibility
In Stage 2, the reality of an ineffective web design begins to hit, usually around 3-6 months after the initial launch. A site will typically get rejected by many of the major directories, not be indexed by the major search engines, or not get the traffic or sales that were projected based on the various types of marketing strategies used. Typically, that’s when companies decide that they will try to hire a professional online marketer to promote the site. Doorway page companies, in some way, shape or form, rear their ugly heads. Unfortunately, many web site owners fall for a doorway page company’s pitch because the beautifully designed site couldn’t possibly be the problem with low site traffic. Yahoo might have rejected a site, or the site might have been listed in Yahoo and the company cannot understand why they have no description next to their company name. But in no way would many ad agencies or doorway page companies want to tell potential clients the truth — they simply did not design and write an effective web site — because it would mean losing thousands of pounds in business

Stage 3 – Designing for your audience
By Stage 3, after spending an exorbitant amount of money on pretty web site designs and various marketing strategies, web site owners generally figure out that they did not design or write an effective Web site for their target audience. Typically, web site owners will bring in a usability expert to analyze potential problems and present various solutions. Bringing in a search engine marketing expert to help with search-engine friendly web designs &templates early in the design phase can save a company thousands of pounds in online marketing costs.

Stage 4 – Site redesign
After careful usability and search engine visibility analyses, web site owners finally have an effective web site. A site that is written, coded and designed for user friendliness and search engine visibility generally gets the most traffic and resulting sales because it was written, programmed, and designed for end users.

Web sites should always be designed with your target audience in mind, not your own personal preferences. Colours have meaning. Professional designers understand the psychology of colour and the use of white space to best project the image your audience wishes to see. (For example, try not to use the colour red on a financial site.) Understanding the products/services/information your target audience is searching for is paramount to designing and maintaining an effective web site. When you launch a site, you might have to make an educated guess as to what your target audience wants. After that, tools such as site statistics software and reporting from site searches tell you exactly what your visitors are looking for. Then content and marketing strategies can be adjusted accordingly. Unless the advanced technology clearly benefits end users, do not use it on your site. If your venture capitalists or CEO’s or lawyers like the site, ask if they are going to spend the thousands or millions of pounds to keep you in business.

They’re not. Your target audience who will ultimately determine the success or failure of your site.

Make Your Site Most Memorable One

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For development a web site creativity just work as a perplex one. For achieve a big goal in web development area Designing your site is the most necessary point for every one.

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Design a web site is a tough job. A web site directly depends on the designing the site. It the most necessitate point on basic of which a site can promote and it increases the visitors again and again. Web Design Services Delhi company e-fuzion always offers the design with lots of creativity and makes the sites higher beyond comparisons. In web designing the web site contains lots different types of designs, colors idea and man power. Here the Web designer plays vital role for developing a site and for interrupting different designs. Web Design Services Delhi is one of the biggest organizations in all over India. In which you get all the details about web design by which you get all the information about web site designing. This organization provides all the details about different types of web promotion structures. Web Design Services Delhi company e-fuzion is getting dedicated in manufacture web site more successful and simple conducting apparatus, the most important feature is to facilitate and make all this extremely outlay efficient. Web Design Services Delhi company e-fuzion comprise outstanding and wounding frame for technical position, moreover the effective groups are equality high accomplished and every one of them recognize the ancestry of the web designing. As the figure of web sites growing at a very fast speed on the World Wide Web, the web designing is also budding as a discipline with skill which is fine paying business. A web site design service Delhi company e-fuzion includes all the creative work to desires some idea plus imagination. Web sites generally engross with exercise skill. Web Design Services Delhi company e-fuzion be expert in advertising plus promoting the web sites. These companies are to go behind web principles to generate an easy convenience, in apply and search engine imagination.

Web Design Services Delhi just provides all the details about web site development. Design a site takes one week to two week for development but the basic importance is imagination and creativity. When one person visits the web site web design is the first posses which put great impact on the mind of the visitor if it’s good then the visitor appreciate it and visit it again and again. And in Web Design Services Delhi company e-fuzion the web designer team always tries to make happy the visitors by offering different type of creative designs. Design is full of imagination and it depends on skill and practice of the web designer.

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