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Protecting Your Website From Online Thieves – Part 2

By , February 27, 2020 10:09 pm


Prevention cures copyright

In this design article, we will go over the most important steps to take for protecting your web site and web graphic images from these online thieves.

1. Place a copyright notice on every web page

The first thing to do is display your copyright notice on the bottom of your home page – and preferably on all pages of your web site.

This copyright notice should be followed by the year of publication and your company name, such as:


Prevention cures copyright

In this design article, we will go over the most important steps to take for protecting your web site and web graphic images from these online thieves.

1. Place a copyright notice on every web page

The first thing to do is display your copyright notice on the bottom of your home page – and preferably on all pages of your web site.

This copyright notice should be followed by the year of publication and your company name, such as:

?1997-2006, Swift Media UK. All rights reserved.

(We personally use a footer.gif graphic file on all pages of our web site for contact information and copyright notice. This way we only have to replace one graphic at the end of the year to update the copyright dates. We also put alternative text in this graphic that states the copyright so it can be seen by our visitors who surf with images turned off in their browsers.)

Print out every page of your web site. Check your browser’s Print Options menu and be sure the Headers and Footers box is selected. This will include the date and time right on your page printout.

Save copies of your web site

Every time you create a new web document or graphic image AND every time you modify a web page, save a copy of your new pages or modifications to any backup media – CD, Zip disk, floppy, etc. Do not make further edits to that copy so you can preserve the original dates your files were made. This will provide you with hard evidence that your content is “older” than any alleged stolen content that might appear in the future.

If you have older versions of your web site, make sure you save the dates and print them out as well. You will need this as evidence to prove that you, not the alleged thief, wrote the content and the code.

For extra protection, take screen shots of the folders that contain all your web images, including their file information and dates of creation.

Protecting web graphic images

There are several ways you can protect your web images, some offering more protection than others.

1. Captioning

You do not need to know any special coding or to purchase software for captioning. All you do is put a small copyright notice next to each of your images. If you have a number of images shown together as a single body of work, only one copyright notice is needed.

Captioning will not physically stop thieves from stealing your images, but it will give them clear notice that the images belong to you and that they will have no excuse for taking them without permission.

For better protection, include the caption as part of the graphic or even slightly overlapping the graphic.

2. Watermarking

Digital watermarking lets you easily embed copyright information inside your electronic (web) images. This information, when opened, or decoded, can reveal things such as the author/owner of the copyright, the copyright date, the contact information, and the terms of use.

Watermarks cannot be removed or altered, and they do not degrade image quality or add to file size.

Watermarking works best with images that are larger than thumbnail size. Very small images may fail to embed a watermark.

Numerous watermarking software products and services are available. Some are separate software programs; others come as plug-ins used with your digital imaging software, such as the popular Adobe Photoshop? The rest are proprietary software programs handled directly by digital imaging services.

One product commonly used by digital professionals and beginners is ImageBridge? from Digimarc. We highly recommend this and its software companion, MarcSpider, which lets you track where your images are being used elsewhere on the public Web.

3. Disable image copying

Some people don’t want visitors to copy or save the images on their sites. If you’re one of them, you can use a script in the HTML code of each of your web pages and it will disable the right click button on all the images on your site. You can get the code at Swift Media UK.

We usually do not recommend disabling image copying for two reasons: it can be counterproductive and it is not foolproof.

Image disabling can be counterproductive because most people who visit your site do so for legitimate purposes. If you do not allow potential clients or customers to save an image on your web site, you have made it much harder for them to review your work and distribute it among their associates.

Basically, you might be viewed as treating your visitors as if they are thieves, and they will be less likely to browse your site.

Image disabling is not foolproof because hardcore thieves can find other ways of stealing your site, such as taking screen shots of your pages and cropping them to the images they want.

Register your site with the UK Copyright Office

There are several good reasons to register your web site with the UK Copyright Office. Not registering doesn’t mean you will be without protection, but you will end up spending much more time pursuing a claim.

Not registering puts the burden of proof on you, the author; registering puts the burden of proof on an alleged thief. Registering also gives you the right to sue for infringement, statutory damages and punitive damages.

To be eligible for full protection under copyright law, you must register your work with the UK Copyright Office within three months of the date of first publication or before the date of infringement.

To register, click here

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Pleasant Your Site with Web Design

By , February 25, 2020 12:56 am


Website designing is the vital element of a web page. A web designer beautifully displayed, content and it actually catches the attention of readers and thus increases the popularity of your site. How ever your whole site is organized with content, it can look really boring and might scare your visitors away. After time it becomes necessary to arrange the content thoughtfully.

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Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion categorizes your audiences if you want to organize the content in your website, it first try to know your target audiences. Practically, internet suffers are of two types. One, who knows, what they want and have a purpose. They can be easily satisfied if you make information searching in your site as easy and fast as possible. They can be easily satisfied if you make information searching in your site as simple and fast as possible. The second type of user generally has no purpose that they just happened to lurch upon your site while surfing the internet. So arrange your site keeping both suffers in mind. Does not misuse the header for giving a reliable look, a standard web site must have a header and footer? Because of its importance, many web designers make it over informative, making it really bulky. To make your target stay on the site, which brings emphasis on the content irrespective of header or footer? Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion arranges the content for arranging the content, group all related information into their respective categories. In this a user can choose to surf and read what they want by clicking on the suitable links. Execute pagination to avoid the disorganizing the content, it keep the length of the content at the smallest amount level. Separate the in sequence into different pages if you have a lot of things to tell. Web Design Delhi company e-Fuzion uses the Pictures to make your information more readable and attractive, use pictures as much as you can. A picture also leaves a lasting feeling on us because our eye is more easily drawn to familiar pictures rather than words. Empty Spaces are helpful Sometimes empty spaces are intentionally. It also provides a good edge for dissimilar blocks of ideas. You can also add new paragraph so that people will get bemused. Empty space also creates a good difference in the text that establishes the flow of story or directs the eye to important areas of the web page.

Make Your Opportunity into Actuality

By , February 22, 2020 3:53 am


At you get all the facilities for your online promotion, it’s a prestigious web designing company in Delhi, you would get more than what you thought you could do with your precious web site. All these ideas you can get having gone through a number of websites especially that of your competitors. And other major players in the industry, by now you must have a vague idea, of how you would want your website look like.

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For doing some serous business the time already reach. You just need to settle you’re self by adopting some impressive designs. Web Design Delhi consultancy offers vague idea, of how would you want your web site look like. When the customers are advanced and have dynamic preferences. Your website ought to be different. Web Design Delhi consultancy have pooled in some of the finest designs from different countries. After having studied different forms of art and artistry, we at e-Fuzion service, strive to bring the best of all art forms to make the perfect web design that is apt to your web site.

We are very well known that every one these days are hard pressed of time and can not simply wait for more than even half a minute for a web site to go get downloaded. Else they would simply switch over to another website. This would be having serious consequences.

At the same time your website should be designed in such a way that it creates comfortable readability for your visitors. In Web Design Delhi consultancy you got all the valuable information that you provide in your website, should be presented in a readable design. This would help your readers not only get interested in what you have to say, rather a good design also makes it possible for your readers to retain what they read in your website, without any extra effort to the end.

Professional Web Development

By , February 19, 2020 6:20 am


Learn what professional web design really is.

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Web development incorporates all areas of creating a Web site for the World Wide Web. This includes Web design (graphic design, XHTML, CSS, usability and semantics), programming, server administration, content management, marketing, testing and deployment. The term can also specifically be used to refer to the “back end”, that is, programming and server administration. There is usually more than one member that works on a given Web Development team, each specializing in his or her own field.

These days, almost everybody relies on the internet. May it be chatting, shopping, or even just for fun; people are very fond of browsing the net. But these people don’t have the slightest idea on how hard it is to create, develop, and maintain a website. All they know is that if they find the site easy to navigate, or if it is easy to find, then they will visit it. But if your site is boring, then it will remain unvisited and your site rank will stay to zero.

For web masters, it is very fulfilling if they see their site having many visitors and their page rank is increasing. They have to think of different styles to promote their website and of course they have to update it at least once a month so that people who visit their site will not get tired of dropping by.

Managing a website professionally seems like a forever job. And if you’re not really into it, you might give up easily. Most webmasters will tell you that it is not really easy to maintain and develop websites especially if your products or the content of your website is common. What the web master usually does is that even if your website layout and content is generic, they make it appear like its unique and one of a kind.

If you’re a professional entrepreneur, your focus is to how you will sell the products and increase your earnings. One way of advertising your products and/or your company is through managing a website. But being busy will hinder you to maintain it. With this, chances are your product and your company will not be known to many people. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are really concern with the products you have and you want to sell it to people, use the internet! You don’t need to go through all the troubles that maintaining a website has. There are lots of companies who offer services such as web design, web development, and the like. However you still need to set some criteria in choosing the best web development company for you, your products, and your company.

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