How To Have an Unforgettable Honeymoon on a Budget

The first thing any newly-wed couple looks forward to is their honeymoon. Dreams of spending time exclusively with each other, away from the hullabaloo of wedding preparations and far removed from well-meaning but interfering relatives can be tempting indeed.


However, unless you're fabulously wealthy, the other thought that is sure to cloud these dreamy thoughts would be the cost of your impending honeymoon. More so because it comes so close on the heels of your wedding on which you've already spent far more than you meant to. While dreams of being cosseted in luxury on your honeymoon are inevitable, the reality is that not everyone can afford to hire a luxury yacht and sail off into the sunset.

Here's how you can plan an unforgettable honeymoon and have the time of your life even if you are on a budget.

Planning A Destination Depending on the Time of the Year

Different destinations have different peak seasons. Take a look at the options available to you depending on which month you are getting married in:

* January- Washington, San Francisco and New York offer some fabulous deals this time of year

* February - Now's the time to visit Dallas or perhaps the snow-capped mountains of the Netherlands. Celtic Ireland is another affordable option.

* March- Perfect time of the year to tour Spain or Italy. If you are looking for something nearer home, you could consider Los Angeles

* April - Head off to Jamaica for an unforgettable Caribbean honeymoon

* May- What better destination than Hawaii for a May honeymoon

* June - Time to explore the ancient Mexican ruins in Albuquerque or Phoenix

* July -Deals galore make Memphis and Tucson the place to head to at this time of year

* August - Head on over to enjoy the razzmatazz of Las Vegas

* September - If you've always been fascinated by Asian culture book tickets to Japan and experience Asian culture at its best

* October- Costa Rica is great this time of year

* November - Try kayaking at Lake Tahoe for a thrilling adventure

* December - Get away from snowy climes and enjoy the sunshine of Greece

Take a look at these popular honeymoon destinations that offer you great value for money.


Though it is considered as one of the more expensive destinations, London does offer you a wide choice of budget accommodation to choose from. With lots to see and do, accommodation really plays a very small role if you opt to go to London on your honeymoon.

Tioman Island

Sandy beaches, majestic mountains, verdant jungles and plenty of opportunities for snorkeling make Tioman Island in Malaysia a perfect honeymoon destination any time of the year.

Buenos Aires

Head on over to La Boca to experience some exciting Latin American color with talented street performers to entertain you. Marvel at the magnificent architecture and take in some of the local cultural events.

However, you don't have to necessarily go out of town to have a roaring honeymoon. With the two of you all on your own, you can make any place a great honeymoon medication.


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