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Just like a wedding, a honeymoon too is a once-in-a-lifetime event and needs to be planned as much as much in advance and as much in detail as your wedding day. While it's ok to look for budget hotels and cheap deals during any other holidays, for an unforgettable honeymoon you should choose the most luxurious destination you can afford. Luxurious surroundings evoke the most romantic feelings and that's exactly what you are looking for on your honeymoon.


Of course, not everyone can afford to go off on a luxurious honeymoon. If you fall under that category you could always postpone your honeymoon plans and actually go on one when you've saved the necessary amount of money. You could even go off on a luxurious honeymoon to celebrate your second or third wedding anniversary. Many couples even go off on their honeymoon after they've got a promotion and a raise or after their kids have gone off to college. After all, true love never dies and there is no time limit for a honeymoon. Surely it's worth saving and going on that luxurious honeymoon a few years later rather than rushing and going on a budget honeymoon?

Well, you've saved and the day is finally here that you can afford to go on the honeymoon you've been dreaming of. Have you thought of a location yet? If not, do it now.

If Europe is your destination of choice, check out Chateau de la Chevre d'Or in Eze, France. Considered by many as uber-luxurious, this honeymoon destination offers several activities for you to participate in and the accommodation is world-class. Prices at this resort start from US$ 450. Expensive, but definitely worth it!

If you prefer enjoying your honeymoon on a beach, you can choose from several fabulously luxurious beaches located in different parts of the world. The Aman Group of Islands resorts offers several different accommodation packages for you and your loved one to enjoy. This is luxury at its best, but it does not come cheap. The most expensive pavilion can set you back US$1,300 per night whereas cheaper options are US$800.

If you've managed to save a whole lot of money perhaps you could rent out an entire island with your very own personal in-house chef! The island in question is the Great Mercury Island, located in New Zealand. With the whole island to yourself you can have a super luxurious honeymoon without any possibility of being disturbed by anyone. The price of this package - a whopping US$19,500 per night. You'll need to save a lot of money if you want to go on this luxurious vacation.

So you have your choices ahead of you, which honeymoon destination you choose to go to depends on your personal preference as well as how much money you managed to save.


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