Climbing Mt. Everest

For mountain climbers, climbing Mt. Everest is the be all and end all. After all it's the highest mountain in the whole world. And climbing it means you have achieved the ultimate that there is to achieve. Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to climb the mountain said that the reason to climb the mountain was because its there.


These are just some of the steps that you should take before you climb this great mountain.

The first thing is to make preparations and pack the necessities that will assist you in your climb on the mountain. Some of the things that you should pack are oxygen bottles, sun-screen and protection for your eyes, trash bag, food, ropes, water, sleeping bag, proper attire, tents, satellite phone, walkie talkie, laptop and first aid kit.

The season to climb is May

The weather is friendly for a climb in May. It is advisable that you plan ahead and schedule the climb at least six months prior to climbing. This is the time that you should file all the necessary papers and documents concerning the climb. Contact the Sherpa who will assist you during the climb. You should contact the Embassy of Nepal and the Washington DC office.

The important thing is to train

Training is a must for climbing Mt. Everest. Know the basics and train under the experts for the proper techniques, survival lessons, equipments and routes. Start practicing on a variety of cliff faces, snowy mountains and rocks that are rough.

Get a health check up

You need to be fit physically and mentally in order to face the pressures of climbing. Remember that your arteries and veins have to be in good condition. You should not have any heart or cholesterol problems. Keep your blood pressure in check and exercise regularly to build stamina. Stamina and willpower would be needed by you.

Lots of cash

Remember that you need at least $25,000 for funding the entire climb. Get sponsors who can assist you to raise that kind of money if you do not have the cash to fund the climb yourself. It is vital that you ask professionals for an estimation of all the traveling and climbing expenses.

Take trustworthy people

Remember that the climb is quite treacherous. It is advisable that you take a Sherpa whom you can rely on completely. As you go higher, the climb will become more difficult. In do or die situations, it is the trust you have in the Sherpa, and vice versa, that will enable you to go further.

After you have climbed Mt. Everest, it will become an experience which you will remember all through your life. You will be truly on top of the world and the tale will be told for generations in your family.


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