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Rock climbing can make you feel on top of the world, both mentally and physically. It is a sport where your physical fitness and mental agility are tested at the same time. It helps you combat the pressures of the modern world. It is also a group sport and helps to bring about a feeling of bonding. In situations like ‘do or die', you have to have complete faith in your companion to be able to come alive out of perilous situations.


The actual sport

Earlier it used to be just hiking in the woods. With more advancement in the gear and more awareness, the outdoor sports now include snow climbing, rock climbing, along with camping, hiking, rafting, etc.

The aim is to reach the top when climbing. Most anyone can undertake rock climbing. Before taking up the sport though, consult your doctor. Blood pressure and heart ailments can curtail rock climbing. If you have the fear of heights, this sport is not for you. There is really no age restriction if you want to learn this sport. If you are healthy then you can pursue this sport. Of course, you would need to devote time and money to learn how to do it safely.

Rock climbing equipment is a must and it provides support to all those who are engaged in mountain climbing. Do not opt for cheaper alternatives as they may endanger your life. If you can not afford the gear at the moment, then save up and buy it later.


Rope is an essential part of the climb and you just can not forego it. It provides security when you fall. Ideally when buying the rope for rock climbing, it is best to choose the ones that have a diameter of ten to eleven millimeters thick.


This is something that you wear around your body and which is tied to the rope. It prevents you from falling during your climb. It should feel comfortable around your waist and thighs.

Chalk bag and chalk

You will need chalk to keep your hands dry during your climb. This helps you to grip the rocks firmly. Keep it in a bag that is attached to the harness so that you can get it easily. You will find them it ball or loose form. Most of the mountain gear shops sell chalk.


Climbing shoes are an essential part of the gear and must fit properly. There are special shoes for rock climbing and these must be used during the climb. They prevent you from slipping and should be comfortable to enable you to move easily.


It is essential to wear a helmet as it protects you from the falling debris from the rocks and the mountains, especially when you have other climbers ahead of you. Your head is also protected against unnecessary bumps and bruises.

Use the right equipment to make your rock climbing a memorable event rather than a sorry one.


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