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Capture the Excitement of Trinidad Attractions

Trinidad, one of the most beautiful islands on the Caribbean coast, offers you a unique experience of cultural diversity as well as many one-of-a-kind sights that are sure to captivate you forever. If your favorite topics are history and photography the two best places to be would be the Caribbean Sea in the south or the Venezuelan coast on the northeast. Carry your camera along and capture these fascinating images that will help you reminisce in years to come.


Before heading off to experience the many attractions of Trinidad, don't forget to get all your photography gear ready and packed, so that you won't regret it when the time comes for getting some beautiful photographs.

A digital camera is perfect for getting photographs when traveling. You can just keep clicking away endlessly without worrying about your film getting over. Digital cameras are also more stylish and they can be carried about more easily. If you've decided to use your digital camera, just remember to take sufficient batteries so have nothing to worry about even if you click plenty of photographs all day long for as many days as you decide to stay in Trinidad. This tropical island can get pretty hot so make sure you wear clothes that are cool and comfortable if you are planning on walking around all day long. When taking pictures, it's great to have a companion who you can trust so at least there is somebody who can click pictures of you with the backdrop of the many Trinidad attractions.

Once you've decided how long you would like to stay here, make a list and decide which attractions you'd like to experience this time and which can be postponed for next time.

Port of Spain

Foreign as well as local tourists consider Port of Spain to be among the most popular of all attractions in Trinidad. This beautiful city is the capital of Trinidad and lays nestled amongst lush green hills. With cathedrals and mosques side-by-side and modern skyscrapers that are built on ancient bazaars, Port of Spain is a reflection of Trinidad's beauty. The city features an eclectic style of architectures including Gothic cathedrals, German Renaissance as well as Victorian houses, a replica of a Bavarian castle and government offices built in the Moorish style. Fort George, located on the city's outskirts, offers a spectacular bird's eye view of the picturesque Port of Spain.


Some of the beaches closest to Port of Spain include Chaguaramas, Maracas Bay and Las Cuevas. Maracas Bay is the beach everybody heads over to after the annual Carnival event. Beaches in Trinidad are renowned for their fabulous scuba diving. Don't forget to take your underwater camera for some spectacular underwater shots.

Animal Watching

With several exotic species of birds dotting the skies, Trinidad is a bird-watchers' paradise. Located 13 kilometers south of the capital, Caroni Bird Sanctuary, is the place to go to if you'd like marvel at the magnificence of the Scarlet Ibis.


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