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Trinidad is the ideal destination for anyone seeking an authentic Caribbean experience. It is among the liveliest of the several islands strewn around the southern Caribbean coast. A part of Trinidad and Tobago, this island lies at a distance of 11 kilometers from the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The total population of 1.3 million belongs to diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds making the island a melting pot of culture, cuisine, religion and tradition. Trinidad is definitely the place to go to for extraordinary excitement and non-stop fun.


If you are planning a holiday to Trinidad, you never have to worry about what you will do in this exciting island-nation. Just get ready to have an exhilarating time with all the adventure and excitement that awaits you.

The island was originally inhabited by Amerindians till it was discovered by Christopher Columbus, a European voyager in 1489. After the discovery, the island became a Spanish colony and they renamed the island and called it Trinidad, which in Spanish means trinity. Almost a hundred years later, the British power proved superior and they took over the island from the Spanish after overpowering them in a battle. After the British colonization came the French settlers. The French brought their slaves with them too.

With the abolishment of the Slave trade in the nineteen eighty's, the Africans abandoned the plantation fields, leaving a lot of job openings in plantations. Soon, organized labor groups, which were made up of Indians, Chinese and Portuguese immigrated to Trinidad and took up jobs in these plantation fields. Later in 1976, Trinidad along with Tobago, its neighboring island was declared a republic. The racially mixed population were absorbed in the mainstream and today they make up the diverse population of this Caribbean nation.

This fusion of so many different races gave rise to an interesting fusion of traditions and cultures and also paved the way for the celebrations of an eclectic variety of festivities and music in this exciting nation. So go ahead and add dancing to the beat of the Caribbean festival to your checklist of things to see and do in Trinidad. The Carnival is a world-famous festival. During this time Trinidad comes alive with colorful street dances and foot-stomping music that dominates the entire island. Carnival usually starts after Christmas and is heralded by the popular Calypso band opening up its tents. However, the climax of the festival only truly starts at the beginning of Lent, which is two days immediately before Ash Wednesday.

Trinidad's diverse ethnicity is also evident in its cuisine. Though the West Indian specialties are particularly popular, all the various kinds of foods are equally unique and delicious.

Sightseeing is a must when you go to Trinidad. Port of Spain, the island's capital city, is home to the Botanical Garden, which showcases around 622 butterfly species and around 700 different species of orchids. There are several animal sanctuaries in the island, each of which is home to different varieties of birds, animals and plants.


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