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Different Choices in Trinidad Lodging

Trinidad is among the most popular vacation destinations. It offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy its spectacular natural beauty and its unique and unforgettable cultural experiences. In addition, Trinidad has a wide range of accommodations to suit every budget and taste.


One of the distinguishing characteristics of Trinidad lodging is that it has far fewer hotels and resorts as compared to the other Caribbean islands. However, the small number is in no way reflective of the quality. Some of the accommodation is of excellent standards and can be compared to the finest. The hotels and resorts range from reasonably priced lodges and inexpensive budget hotels to luxurious, exclusive hotels. Trinidad also offers visitors a wide choice of guesthouses and inns.

All-inclusive hotels and resorts

Besides conventional hotels that offer traditional services, Trinidad also has several hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive services and package deals of different types for the convenience of holiday makers. These package deals are often more affordable as compared to other Trinidad lodging where tourists are billed separately for lodging, food and any other facility that they may wish to use.

Getting one consolidated all-inclusive bill can help you enjoy a stress-free holiday without have to worry about incurring expenses for each and every luxury that you may want to indulge in while you are on vacation. Trinidad hotels offer a wide range of package deals. Before you choose any one of them, it is always better to make enquiries at several hotels and find out what is included in their package and how much you will have to pay.

Rental properties

Trinidad accommodation also offers rental properties, which is an ideal option for a large group of friends visiting the island or for visitors who are travelling with the entire family. Being such a famous destination for family vacations, this is a very popular option in Trinidad accommodation. It offers families the comforts and pleasures of home and all the convenient amenities that are usually seen in a home.

Besides offering independence, rental properties are also more peaceful and more spacious than any big hotel or resort.

Camping and eco-accommodations

Lots of tourists choose to visit Trinidad because of it's abundance of nature and the spectacular outdoor opportunities it offers. Holiday makers who wish to experience living in the middle of all this scenic nature can find plenty of options in eco-accommodations and camping.

There are also several convenient camping facilities on the beaches that prefer to spend time on the outdoors amid the sand and the waves. For those who prefer hiking they can choose from many different types of camping sites. Visitors who wish to venture into the more dense forests are advised to go only if accompanied by experienced guides. Many hotels are fully geared for adventure tourism and offer their guests a wide variety of adventure-related services including eco-adventure and fully-guided camping tours.

Trinidad truly offers its visitors lots of choices in sightseeing as well as accommodation for a truly unforgettable holiday.


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House holds hand on money bills - Trinidad & Tobago Express

House holds hand on money bills
Trinidad & Tobago Express
Section 64(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago stipulates that if a money bill is not passed by the Senate without amendment within one month, it should be presented to the President for assent. The two money bills that fit ...

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Puerto Rico Bonds Send Ex-Champ Trinidad to the Ropes - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

Puerto Rico Bonds Send Ex-Champ Trinidad to the Ropes
Wall Street Journal
"We had a client who sold a cow farm and now she doesn't have enough money to pay the electric bills," said Eric Quetglas, Mr. Trinidad's lawyer. "People who sold a business. People with retirement funds. They wanted to buy something that was secure.

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CPL money stolen in Trinidad - Stabroek News

Cricket Country

CPL money stolen in Trinidad
Stabroek News
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC-Close to TT200,000 dollars from ticket sales of upcoming matches in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) have been stolen, Police in Trinidad and Tobago have said. The money, for three CPL matches scheduled for this ...
CPL 2014: $ 200000 worth of ticket sales money stolen from Trinidad officeCricket Country
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Inside job suspected in CPL theftTrinidad & Tobago Express

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Prints found in larceny of CPL money - Trinidad News

Prints found in larceny of CPL money
Trinidad News
Fingerprint experts who are assisting investigators in the larceny of $178,000 from an office at the Queen's Park Oval have lifted prints from an envelope where the money was last stored which they are hoping will lead them to the suspect, or suspects.
Cops get fingerprintsTrinidad & Tobago Express

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...Griffith: Bags of money given out - Trinidad & Tobago Express

...Griffith: Bags of money given out
Trinidad & Tobago Express
Bags of money containing large sums were given out to individuals employed with the LifeSport programme, Minister of National Security Gary Griffith said yesterday. He was speaking to reporters before the start of the Senate at Tower D, International ...

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