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Beautiful Beaches of Trinidad

The Caribbean is full of beautiful bays that are sure to excite anyone. you have to go to these beaches in Trinidad and experience the beauty and excitement first-hand.

Blanchisseuse Beach

Blanchisseuse Beach, with its never-ending stretch of white powdery sands is one of he prime spots for seeing leatherback turtles up close and personal. The peace and solitude that this beach offers cannot be compared. If you've been having a hectic holiday in Trinidad so far, head on over this beach for a bit of quiet and to recharge for the next round of activities. This beautiful beach is situated at the edge of a rainforest and its majestic beauty is sure to leave you breathless. Though it is close enough to the other bays that are strewn around the island of Trinidad, you will find that too many people come here and the beach is pretty secluded. Blanchisseuse Beach is one of those perfect beaches to go to if you are looking forward to a romantic stroll where you can listen the whispering of the wind.


Manzanilla Beach

Bursting with energy, Manzanilla Beach is the ultimate adventure seekers paradise. Its not-so-safe waters are what it makes it thrilling. Surfers will have a whale of a time in the gorgeous sunshine they ride the strong billowy waves that rush towards the shore. Situated in the rather deserted eastern coast, Manzanilla Beach will captivate you with its brown sands and its natural beauty. From this fabulous beach you can get the most stunning view of the vast coconut-tree plantations that fringe the beach. So head on over to Manzanilla Beach if you want to have a raving splash party.

Parlatuvier Beach

Parlatuvier Beach allows you the opportunity to get away from it all. If you want a place to temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and stay far away from promenading eyes, this is the place to go to. Parlatuvier beach is located on the northern end of Trinidad and features a charming little fishing village. It has a captivatingly rustic appeal. Lots of people come on over to this beach to indulge in some diving, but precaution should be taken at all times as it is not as safe as it may appear.

Guayaguayare Beach

Guayaguayare Beach, a prime beach with quite a bit of history attached to it, is where you can actually see Trinity Hills, the namesake of this beautiful Caribbean island. Though rather small, the Beach offers beach goers a fair amount of sand and surf along with the gorgeous Caribbean sunshine. Guayaguayare Beach offers a stunning view of a gigantic rock and visitors can also enjoy the spectacular beauty of the land that overlooks the beach. The abundance of seagrasses along the shores of the beach are the result of its close proximity to several oil companies.


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The Impact of Caribbean Culture on North America
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NCIC head calls for name change
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He also stressed the role of the Alliance Française in promoting the French language and French culture, and made mention of 17 Trinidadian language assistants who have been selected to spend nine months in schools in France, teaching English.

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Parang in July
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He also thanked Republic Bank Ltd for its sponsorship and support in making Parangrama a success. Hadeed said Republic Bank is truly leading the way in support for local arts and culture and hoped the bank would give consideration for the continued ...

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